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NTU production revenue ranking first in Taiwan professor a year earned 6 billion 500 million – School Beijing, Beijing, 29 September, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the Taiwan University Teachers "evaluation together, do not make money" has become the key competitiveness. The best vision of university ranking industry index, the number of NTU in production and promotion and production income are the highest in the first, the 2014 year production income up to 6 billion 500 million yuan (NT, the same below), the average teacher for the school year earned 3 million 144 thousand yuan. NTU is expected, the fastest next month, there will be 6 companies set up operations, let the school earn more long-term. In the past, universities pay more attention to teaching and research, but more and more will be regarded as the university industry cooperation "third tasks", the proportion of production performance is also listed as the best university evaluation project of 15%. According to the education department statistics, NTU 2014 year production income amounted to 6 billion 500 million yuan, the average teacher for the school to bring in 3 million 144 thousand yuan; Taiwan Jiaotong University, the United States ranked second in the number of patents, promotion and industry average income of 3 million 135 thousand, with less than 10 thousand yuan after big gap. NTU research Li Fangren said that in addition to teaching and research, production plan has become the school to increase the competitiveness of the sprint project, "the Ministry of science and technology", "the Council of agriculture and other departments to get the funds have accounted for the largest number, from the company funding of about 100 million, accounting for only 7% of the total funding, is the school will be the goal. Large amount of technology transfer in the past about 60 million a year, the start of this year, because the biotech industry to join, can be increased to 80 million to about 100 million. In order to increase the international competitiveness and Industry Association, and Li Fangren said, Taiwan will set up derivative enterprises, currently contains medicine, College of electrical engineering and computer science and the school of management, 3 yuan will be launched in 6, approved by the Department of education report next, let the future teacher company, through to the large company industry, the school has stock, and one of the directors, make research into the folk, also can make money back to school. The success of the university is the technology to the king, the average income of more than 5 in recent years, more than 100 million, and the average teacher for the school to earn more than $about 3000000 per year. As vice president Huang Zhenghong indicated, cooperative education is the school year strengths, technology transfer amount is more than 100 million, ranking up at the National Taiwan University, it can get a better position in the world university rankings stand, school more than 1200 teachers, almost everyone has a case in run.相关的主题文章: