Tacu Mufushan start Chinese mother’s Day to create cultural activities-zznba

Tacu Mufushan start Chinese mother’s Day "to create cultural activities in October 6th, the city of Yueyang mountain Mufu Mountain Tourism Development Co., the company issued a notice to the various departments of the company and the travel agency, from October 9th (the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) the double ninth Festival started to create Chinese mother’s Day festival culture, setting a date for the 15th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the day as in the legend of Nu Wa made man day. It is reported that this is the company will be excellent traditional culture and the organic combination of Nuwa legend of the Chinese nation, launched to build on the 15th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar "Chinese mother’s Day" as the core of the traditional culture, advocate the construction of series of programs, and ultimately promote the scenic pragmatic development with excellent cultural connotation, the real concept of "mass tourism" and "global travel" landing. In the notice, the "Chinese mother festival" started setting for promotional measures, since October 9, 2016 to October 16, 2016 to tacu Mufushan international tourist resort for more than 60 years of age and two younger visitors with free tickets to implement the policy, there is a requirement to accompany Affiliated Junior free of charge, which requires to the ticket office accompanied by elders or hug and kiss sing a song of praise the mother’s words. The notice also proposed specific specific requirements and arrangements for infrastructure construction services, cultural facilities construction, mining depth requirements such as Fu Xi and Nuwa legend historical stories of the whole system of mountain culture and history, and properly combined with iron hammer spirit and practical works of artemisinin positive energy factors, construction can affect the reality of the development of mountain scenic good spiritual culture. The notice requires all staff to cooperate closely with each other, not affected by public opinion or attack, to ensure their own work, and to promote the establishment of an orderly implementation of the traditional culture centered on "China’s mother’s day". (Peng Weiwei)