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Sweden to determine the Wikileaks founder Assange to accept the prosecution date information Stockholm Xinhua News Agency on 14 September, (reporter Fu Yiming) Swedish prosecutors said 14, Wikileaks founder Julian A-Sun will accept the prosecutor in the odd inquiry in London in the UK embassy in Ecuador in October 17th. Swedish prosecutors said press release the same day, the Ecuador prosecutor of Assange for questioning, Sweden’s chief prosecutor Ingrid Ismail Glen and the Swedish police investigators will also arrived at the scene, and add questions to Assange. A-Sun is responsible for the odd sexual assault case investigation of Swedish prosecutors Mariana earlier this month told the media that the Swedish police have agreed to Ecuador prosecutors for questioning Assange according to the prosecution of rui. In addition, the prosecution will also get the consent of Assange after collecting his body fluid samples". The 45 year old Assange in 2006 to create a wiki secret website. In 2010, the site published a large number of U.S. government documents on the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, the secret documents, so that the United States of America’s diplomatic image suffered unprecedented blow, causing a sensation and controversy. In November 2010, Swedish prosecutors accused Assange in August of that year staying in Sweden during the alleged sexual assault of two women in the UK, at that time Assange was arrested in britain. Assange denies all charges against him, saying the charges are politically motivated. In May 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that A-Sun was extradited to sweden. In June of the same year, Assange entered the British Embassy in Ecuador to seek asylum on bail. According to Swedish law, prosecutors filed criminal proceedings before the launch inquiry to suspect. Because Assange in Ecuador Embassy in the UK, the Swedish prosecutors have not had the opportunity to implement inquiry. Last March, the Swedish prosecutors for the first time in the domestic information previously insisted on give up the position of the initiative to question Assange london.相关的主题文章: