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Suspected of Dongfeng 21C launch video exposure experts: to fight against Sade (Figure) – Beijing 28, CCTV announced the first suspected ballistic missile Dongfeng -21C HD video transmission, this is the first publication of the missile bare shells, the details of its appearance shows some unique technical characteristics of the bomb. Since 80s the layout and appearance and were able to win a play of the last century the United States "Pershing II" is very similar, it is also known as the Chinese version of "II pershing". Chinese experts believe that the bomb can be implemented on the strengthening of the underground command post and other important targets to effectively combat, but also have a certain ability to resist the anti missile system. China version of "Pan Xing II" first revealed truth from CCTV released video, suspected Dongfeng -21C shape with the "Pan Xing II" is similar to that of common feature is the two stage solid rocket engine with brawnier, reentry warhead slender, and equipped with air rudder. Experts pointed out that from the analysis of shape features: first, it is a tactical ballistic missile system a single warhead, the head of sharp, reduce the resistance to reentry, and multiple warhead ballistic missile head is full. Of course, one may use the submunition warhead ballistic missile warhead, at a certain height scattered over the target, the target coverage, but with multiple warheads are two concepts. Secondly, judging from the shape, the bomb is likely to be used in the ground combat. The "-21C" ballistic missile warhead is much smaller than the earlier model, so that the head of the launcher has to have a cone to hold the warhead. Generally speaking, the slug length of the penetrator is higher, because the maximum penetration depth is related to the length of the penetrator. The longer the penetration, the greater the penetration depth. Judging from the slender warhead, the model can be used to combat underground solid targets. Experts believe that the end of the projectile can be implemented precise control and guidance. Because the missile is equipped with an air rudder, it can control the flight path. In addition the missile head color and other parts of different colors, is likely to be transparent material, which indicates that the head or the installation of radar seeker, in fact, earth penetrating warhead guidance accuracy can only reach a higher effective implementation of pinpoint attack. In the 80s of the last century, the Pershing II using inertial guidance and radar area correlation matching technology, circular error probability of 30 meters. When deployed in Europe is equipped with nuclear warheads, "Pan Xing II" missile can directly threaten the Soviet underground command center, said the missile can be contributed to the inf treaty to some extent. With China existing electronic technology level, fully developed radar area correlation matching technique when the U.S. military "II Pershing", and using GPS or Beidou Satellite Guidance Technology, achieve little precision problem of 30 meters. In addition, from the launch of the missile in the video to see, out of the barrel after climbing soon, a large number of suspected rocket thermal tiles used from the projectile tribe, so it can not be completely ruled out the final bomb using liquid engine multiple switch may. There is also a possibility that the tile is used to control the temperature of the missile guidance system. The technical difficulty is comparable to "Dongfeng" carrier killer "-21C" and is called.相关的主题文章: