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Such a marriage, it is best not to start to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Mizuki Ayatsumi if a marriage is not for happiness, but to create "future" happiness, this marriage is likely to be a wrong, unless couples in marriage can give each other "full commitment", marriage recognized each other’s own life only. Of course, is not to say that the longer the love, the more the two people happy marriage. Marriage 1 Meng Xiaobai think their marriage tragedy is derived from her husband and the "two people have no emotional basis". Meng white talked about a love, but her ex boyfriend in between her and another woman wavering. Entangled for a few years, the woman was pregnant with a child, her former boyfriend apologized to her, saying that the child can not do without dad. Meng Xiaobai HanHen leave. At that time Meng white fast 30, his heart also panic. The trustee for her mother every time, always face a difficult referral of older young women, it is not particularly good, and refused to accept the divorce, the right man very rare. Every time my mother being teased, came back to say that Meng Xiaobai and Meng Xiaobai will also be a meal, the former boyfriend pulled out to scold. Recently did not scold, began to say Meng Xiaobai silly – how did you not pregnant? You’re pregnant, and what about her? Meng Xiaobai feels like he’s in trouble. He wants someone to save himself. This person is really there, Zhang cheng. A broker Zhang Cheng began to blow as if it were raining flowers turtles, research work, family, good economic conditions, two houses in the urban literary family, and his father was a cadre, but has already died, only one mother in the house…… Meng Xiaobai listened for a long time, feel very suspicious, such a good man how can fall on my hand? Repeated questioning, the introduction of talent, said Zhang read a long time to talk about love too late, before talking about his girlfriend, talking about several years are getting married, but his mother is not good. His mother was in bad health, so he was a bit of a temper. Delayed for several years now older, the family on this son, the old lady want to embrace grandson, also began to worry. 2 for the first time, Meng Xiaobai was a little disappointed. Zhang Cheng is not tall, may sit in the office for a long time, the body very bloated, but obviously the future trend of bald. Later Meng Xiaobai know Zhang Cheng at first did not fancy himself, he felt Meng white thin black, look a bit fierce, unlike the gentle man. After Zhang Cheng often pointed out that "your heart decides your looks like the article runs Meng white, said he first glance Meng Xiaobai is a gentle and virtuous man in the face of the edge length. But the two men were still together. Before Meng Xiaobai also complained that Zhang Cheng is stiff, eccentric, people advised her that the people doing the research are Sike, Zhang Cheng high degree, and good work, home only child not what burden in the urban areas and two houses, the man is hard to find such conditions. Besides, Zhang Cheng looks old相关的主题文章: