Su Weishuo repeatedly to straddle prices strong return gold Powei

Su Weishuo: the price of gold to be long and short repeated strong return to ease EIA Powei prices downward situation Thursday (October 13th), the United States WTI November crude oil futures closed up $0.26, or 0.52%, at $50.44 a barrel. Brent crude December futures closed up $0.22, or 0.42%, at $52.03 barrel on Thursday. U.S. WTI crude oil futures prices hit a maximum of $50.59 barrel, Brent crude oil futures prices hit $52.15 barrel. The United States last week inventory report mixed oil inventories dropped to offset the crude oil inventories increased the number of bad, China crude oil imports continued to increase and the dollar decline in oil prices provided some support. On Thursday night, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that as of October 7th, when the original inventory of the original deposit recorded a significant increase of 4 million 900 thousand barrels, the expected value of an increase of 650 thousand barrels, the former value is reduced by 2 million 976 thousand barrels. The end of crude oil inventories decline for five consecutive weeks, growth reached maximum in April 8th when the week. On the other hand, Cushing crude oil stocks, stocks of gasoline and oil refining stocks decline more than expected: Although the price of gold up technology nodes far away from the moving average support, but the upside potential is obvious, short cycle indicators overbought again Guaitou up, but also further the daily view out of space. 4 hours, morning on touching the rail resistance Brin, price pressure, currently running on the uplink channel, short-term moving average MACD rise, short cycle index turned up, 4 hours of uplink space is limited, but also showed a rise in potential strong side. Yesterday we look at the gold back, after a short profit out of the night and the morning after stabilization up more accidents, with the technical change, today is bound to take advantage of follow-up, crude oil: yesterday fell after the first rebound, bearish ideas to verify, the daily recorded with a long shadow of the candle and this situation is not turn head down against the trend, coupled with the short cycle index, even if there is a rebound will be because of lack of support, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the amount of energy is not enough, at least the daily view is so. 4 hours, the price continuously dropping, but affected by the trend line support, little space now continues to decline, MACD Sicha down the potential slowdown, the stochastic indicator Guaitou up, not to say whether the short end, but a short time is difficult to reverse the decadent. The operation of crude oil to maintain altitude, but still do not blindly chase the morning, waiting for the intraday rebound, is below the trend line near a strong support, two is the news of uncertainty, do not rule out the possibility of a rebound trend, so the operation on the first empty, be sure to do the risk control, to prevent unknown risks. Trend analysis: the gold market in the short term is not confirmed to stabilize the signal pressure in the 1270-1275 today, whether a close line will be related to whether the market can record the key is to determine the signal callback market in place, analysis of the development of the short term can refer to the front, the rhythm is to see whether there is high, after any time are blocked can be a little short midline began to focus on 1265 days.相关的主题文章: