Strengthen financial institutions credit constraints help to reduce the high debt of enterpris polartec

To strengthen the financial institutions credit constraints   helps to reduce enterprise’s high debt — Jiangsu channel — original title: strengthen the financial institutions credit constraints helps to reduce enterprise’s high debt and bank loans drawn recently, the State Council issued "on actively and steadily reduce leverage opinions" stressed credit support. Which pointed out that strengthening financial institutions credit constraints. Banking financial institutions should be established by the creditors Committee, joint credit mechanism, improve customer information sharing, integrated to determine the line of credit, and through the contract way, avoid excessive credit, to prevent enterprises leverage beyond a reasonable level. The bank credit exceeds a certain number, credit amount more than a certain scale enterprises in principle to the United Way of syndicated loans, effectively limiting loans to highly leveraged firms. Bank of China chief researcher Zong Liang on the Securities Daily reporters, said that the provisions of the bank to help avoid information asymmetry between the past, resulting in the overall corporate debt ratio is too high. The establishment of creditors committee mechanism, contribute to more comprehensive consideration of the individual bank enterprise credit, which constraints the formation of the enterprise itself; in addition, also help to prevent banks from excessive leverage and enterprise individual bank loan and the loan off phenomenon, causing the other banks also follow and produce a chain reaction that makes the enterprise short-term liquidity problem. Zong Liang think, in fact, one of the most important elements of the bank loan repayment ability of the enterprise, this provision helps to strengthen the financial constraints of enterprises, so that enterprises no longer have chances to encourage the normal operation of enterprises, improve the operational mechanism of enterprises, contribute to the long-term development of enterprises. At present, some of the difficulties facing China’s real economy, such as the high rate of debt leverage increased financing costs, also increased the operating costs, at the same time, also makes them difficult to achieve sustainable business, combined by the market debt and other organic, in order to enliven the real "enterprises". The Ministry of health for researcher Zhao ya? Said on the "Securities Daily" reporter, corporate leverage not only for enterprises to bear a heavy burden, let the banks and other financial institutions face systemic risks to the national economy as a whole has brought great uncertainty. But the enterprise to leverage if not handled properly, prone to two adverse consequences; one is to leverage too fast, massive bank loans drawn, resulting in a large number of enterprise capital chain rupture and collapse, the formation of financial crisis; two is the central bank to allow enterprises to increase liquidity and loan money supply, the low cost of borrowing by companies massive borrowing, but the enterprise more push higher lever. Zhao said that the company pulled down a lever to mobilize the whole body, poor treatment will lead to a comprehensive economic crisis, so not only to actively deal with, but also to deal with. The bank will certainly not directly pumping credit, credit risk should be strictly controlled in the case of support. Information sharing can avoid multiple mortgages, the right risk assessment, to leverage the low profit prospects of good business to provide credit support to avoid high leverage earnings prospects of poor companies continue to leverage. Because the current average corporate leverage is already high, even the credit that is good for the business continues to survive相关的主题文章: