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Software Every .pany that has Active Directory as a backbone of its network infrastructure faces an identity management task that requires proper planning and organization. Native AD management tools do not provide capabilities for effective and secure Active Directory identity management . With this fact in mind software manufacturers were deep in thoughts for years when creating opportunities for fast and secure Active Directory identity management. The idea was to create a solution that would enhance native Active Directory management tools, providing more security and automation to the identity management process. Thus, the ready solution should cover the following capabilities: Provisioning and Deprovisioning Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Provisioning is the process of managing the lifecycle of an employee from the day when he is hired through all the changes in his jobs in the .pany and to the day of his leaving for any reasons. This lifecycle starts with creation of AD account, home folder, Exchange mailbox, adding user account to security groups and distribution lists. In case the employee takes another position in the .pany, his user account should be reprovisioned and after his leaving the .pany, .pletely deprovisioned due to security reasons. Now lets imagine this difficult, error-prone and time-consuming task, if executed manually. The solution that reduces these processes to minimum or simply automates them is a must for any enterprise. Delegation of Control: Native Active Directory management solutions do not provide fast and secure ways of permissions delegation. It is difficult to track what permissions have been assigned to a particular user and more difficult to revoke unnecessary ones that results in a huge Active Directory security threat. Fast and secure Active Directory identity management is impossible without solving problem of permissions delegation. The way out is a role-based permissions assignment. This model provides opportunity to assign permissions to users basing on their job roles. Approval-Based Workflow: Even though role-based delegation of permissions greatly increases security by providing non-administrative users the opportunity to fulfill only certain tasks, some of these tasks should still be double-checked both by a user and other responsible persons. Approval-based workflow is just perfect for that. It helps greatly increase control over Active Directory identity management process. Regulatory .pliance: Regulatory .pliance should always be taken into account in the process of Active Directory identity management. When neglecting enterprise, country-wide and international standards it is possible to be set huge inconvenience if not penalties. The way out is maintaining data integrity that can be fulfilled only by means of third party solutions. At first sight Active Directory identity management is easy and fast process, but enterprises are forced to invest huge sums of money for fulfilling it by means of native Active Directory management tools, and in the end it turns to be .plex, error-prone and time-consuming task. Third party solutions provide more guarantees and opportunities. There are a lot of them on the market nowadays. Just make sure the selected software corresponds to all requirements of Active Directory identity management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: