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"Stifle innovation"? With Apple’s patent dispute with Samsung lost again – Sohu technology Sohu technology Samsung Wenwang Xue Ying these days must understand the meaning of a word "suffer" Disasters pile up on one another. recently, after the new Note 7 is still a 4 explosion accident of Samsung, and received a blow and a shout: the United States Court of appeals the jury announced that support the original appearance of the intellectual property rights of the patent infringement Apple Samsung ruled that Samsung to pay back compensation. Today, Samsung said in a statement, will be looking for the right opportunity to appeal to the Supreme court. So far, this time-consuming 4 years of tug of war, finally come to an end temporarily. It is understood that the patent dispute with Samsung and apple since 2012 has dragged, around the "unlock activities" and "automatic spelling correction" and "quick connect" the common intelligent mobile phone design function, while the verdict also experienced a number of reversal. This Tuesday (U.S. time), apple and Samsung on technology patent intellectual property dispute in court, this will be since nineteenth Century, the U.S. Supreme Court’s first case of intellectual property rights. Samsung in his statement that the decision will stifle innovation, including the design idea, is not conducive to the development of new products and market ", eventually lead to future market innovation" for fear of litigation and lost all interest and killed". Samsung also stressed that the decision is not fair "," because it will encourage people to pursue tort compensation, encourage patent hooligans and speculative litigation conduct, to additional patent rights beyond the patent itself ". In this regard, CNET published an article that Samsung hopes the court can clearly provide that the design of intellectual property rights in the end what are included in the content, which are likely to produce what damage. For Samsung, the court’s decision to overestimate the design value of intellectual property rights, have gone too far. In fact, compared to apple and Samsung in 4 years through many different judgments in this period, the science and technology enterprises dispute attitude is worth pondering: Samsung’s faction: in January of this year, including DELL, eBay, Facebook, Google, HP and many other technology giants vocal support Samsung, then, the scholars of intellectual property rights from the Stanford University, and nonprofit agencies maintain digital rights from public knowledge of nearly 50 experts have expressed support for the Samsung joint. Apple pie: more than 100 professionals and scholars in the design industry to support apple, which comes from Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang and other well-known global brand designers have also listed. For the showdown in the Supreme Court, if Apple wins again, in addition to Apple won the support of the law in the moral, will agree to pay compensation in the original $548 million Samsung, an additional $180 million additional damages; if the Supreme Court reversed the support of Samsung, Samsung will open the Supreme Court of design intellectual property disputes reiterated gate, knowledge for more power can be as small as the rise to the future.相关的主题文章: