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Arts-and-Entertainment Jazz guitarist Steven Crowell began accordion lessons at the age of nine. Even at that early age Steven was "hearing" melodies and jazz chords in his head. He states that if his accordion teacher had taught him the lush chords he was "hearing" — instead of polkas and waltzes — he would probably be a jazz accordion player today! At the age of fifteen Steven discovered the guitar and within two months was playing in local combos! It was upon hearing and meeting jazz guitarists Eddie Duran and Barney Kessel that Steven’s interest in jazz guitar improvisation and chord melody guitar soloing was awoken. He starting playing guitar and upright bass in the high school jazz band while studying with several local teachers. Just out of high school, Steven formed a group with Sylvester Stewart (Sly of "Sly and The Family Stone") which released several records and performed at Lake Tahoe for the entire summer. At age nineteen Steven began lessons with the legendary jazz guitarist Warren Nunes and actually shared a house with Warren for two years. In 1964 Steven attended Diablo Valley College while teaching jazz guitar music full time and raising a family. He studied advanced and 20th Century harmony under Dr. Coleen Bicknell and the late Gordon R. Keddington, earning his California state teaching credentials. In 1969 Steven left his teaching position to go on the road with a show group and for the next ten years crafted his skills as a jazz guitarist by performing five and six nights a week. In 1979 Steven published the first volume of his jazz guitar instruction course which was based upon his unique performing and educational experiences. His course was met with critical acclaim (Guitar Player magazine calls Steven’s work "some of the best") and eventually expanded into a four year college level jazz guitar course. More recently Steven has formed The Jazz Science Guitar Institute and has published a series of revolutionary jazz guitar method books based on his discovery of the 84 Jazz Guitar Equations – a system that facilitates soloing on the entire guitar fretboard by combining scales and arpeggios into one thought. Over the years Steven Crowell has performed in night clubs, show rooms, and jazz festivals. He has worked with the top names in show business including: George Burns, Bob Newhart, The Coasters, The Diamonds, seven years on the road with jazz pianist Big Tiny Little, and in films with Tommy Lee Jones ("Cobb"), and Whoopie Goldberg ("Sister Act"). He recently played guitar with the Ted Herman Orchestra in the soon to be released movie "The Encore of Tony Duran". He currently lives in Southern California with his wife Beverly and continues to perform at local music festivals and upscale restaurants. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: