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" song sound " final evaluation error votes   81 professional judges cast 92 votes — why? People.com.cn Culture — the last day of the National Day holiday — the night of October 7th, the first quarter Chinese "new song" finals staged in the nest. After two rounds of fierce competition, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao beat Jay Chou to the Marine Corps, won the first season of "new song" sound of the championship, Na Ying Wang Chenrui won the runner up. However, after the game, there are some disputes in the online voting is boiling off, a total of 81 original records, including the media, review to vote for the championship, but finally appeared in the data ticket unexpectedly became "92 tickets"! This is what is inside? Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday learned the truth. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Yi A four tutor disciple to the friends of song that night rate of bird’s nest in the first round of competition, the tutor with their respective students sing a song. "Shuangjiegun" is one of the highest degree of Jay Chou sung songs, Gen personally to the finals, "shuangjiegun" changed greatly, a lot of friends shouted "don’t be" shuangjiegun "". In order to maximize to foreign talent show, Jielun in the song as he designed the opening SOLO harmonica, Jielun even accompanied the Scotland ocean to the dance show. Na Ying team this year winning the continuation of the traditional songs in the past, adhere to the "more pure power more moving" articles two good songs she will stand on the stage of the finals. Li Peiling as the angelic voice from the blind began, no one has been able to resist. Wang Chenrui as the biggest dark horse this year, strong vocals and stable play obvious to people. The apprentice three people brought a song "love to love you lonely", tender girl folded together, echoed in the nest over, dreamy songs and let the audience moved at the scene. Harlem Yu and Yang Meina on this "playing" master chose one of Harlem Yu’s early works "adapted" decreed by fate deduction, master two is for the first time on the same stage, but the full understanding. Wang Feng’s "dream team" Apprentice three people together to perform a song "full". Although in the premiere, Jielun has played a version of "full", but also to master three song of personality adaptation, lyrics have many innovative surprises, with the most popular "purchasing" and "new sound", "stock" and other topics, let the audience find everything fresh and new. The B Championship voting votes in a single event review error, Jay Chou disciple toward the ocean eventually won 35577 of the vote, far more than the front 14227 votes and 20722 votes for Xu Geyang Li Peiling, the first round of the elimination of the lowest ticket Li Peiling. Then, Wang Chenrui soulful interpretation of Leslie Cheung’s classic song "current situation", Leslie Cheung’s face appeared on the big screen, users have to be moved. Feelings and strength, "dark horse" Wang Chenrui won the scene 28009 votes, with the stage Chenrui Wang, Wang Feng group Xu Geyang was eliminated; the last frontier debut of the big boy Jiang Dunhao finally won the game high 39996 votes, out of Chenrui Wang, and to the ocean into the ultimate showdown. To enter the final showdown,相关的主题文章: