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Two weeks ago I heard news he had Cao Xuan Hao to savor infected nhn which Hoang Bang. My friend and he Hao relatives together in 1940, when he also is a student of grade 6 and high school teacher in H?u Thien Hue, classfellow with your child by my boss is, and until now , in 2007, which is already 67 years. While life circumstances everyone has changed, but my friendship with him does not change.During the period of "Humanities – Stage products", after both lost teaching job, but also translated, the two often go together. Who mentioned Phan Ngoc is mentioned Cao Xuan Hao, and also the opposite. Starting out, this is not to recreate, because I H?o and he has many .mon points, we make many other people. I would say prior to a few similar. Who also noticed he H?o many language experts. According to my experience, this is based on learning Latin.Who studied Latin were also noticed in this language, the system variables in the picture is extremely .plex. Almost every image in the relationship may have in Western languages, that are available in Latin, so Latin was in the grasp of the grammatical relations of the European languages is very easy , almost no need to learn. Also from the capital, the evening’s most of the main factors in the European languages are available in Latin, so the memory is not hard. Was that, a Latin average from 200 to 300 words. When translated into French and required me to 4-5, because French is the language of analysis. So that learning how to break me and write me how to separate this still creates a unified closely is very necessary. This is very beneficial to help people learn to analyze, aggregate, or know how to use the buffer for a series of questions into a unified.Not that random Hao, and Truong Vinh K are very good at foreign languages. Hao He also points than he is about mastering the music, have a music track and a doctor. So you have very good ears, and very proficient way to mimic true of foreign languages.Can say is philologist congenital birth, my life and not having a second this gifted as he. Most philologist Vietnam, including me and Mr. Nguyen merit, are enthralled by the language school during the school day should have a little success, rather than the philologist congenital birth. Hao He also k? law is not as damp, left again, as concerns the more active. Work is work and science. He went into the music school, I go to signal school to learn Vietnamese and Vietnamese culture. Two sectors are the same root, according to the trends in the new language was born after the year 30 of the 20 k?. Therefore, not random people that sticking together and talk together. Myself have been to his university teaching and teachers to learn pronunciation, because reality at that time who are not proficient in pronunciation. But then I know he’s talented on phonetics from chat sessions in schools on the Nguyen Xuan Dien Chau (Nghe An), in the years 1947-1949, when you see Cao Xuan Huy also principal. Hao He and I are going the way of receiving. When you go this route, people do science without narrow vision on how to take the right conclusions about a phenomenon. Rather, he is to see how its a problem with that all may look well on this issue. Message is to all and to, and try to write all explained in a different resolution to make the final resolution in that he is with reality. Unfortunately, although he and I are collaborating together to translate a few files, but h? not have the opportunity to collaborate with each other on cultural study or language study. The praise is damn right wrong under the following fact, I dare you to not. Now say to each other. Different place mainly in the lifestyle. I’m maisonette Vietnam, about my love to the small bundle of husband and wife shared waterway. I was particularly fortunate gentle wives have worried me about all the family, so my working conditions throughout the day. He is very hard on the family. I would say only allowed to the period before 1975, when two people are in proximity, mainly in Hanoi. Longer period after the country’s best, in two different villages, in Hanoi, he in Ho Chi Minh City, so I do not have opinions. In the time before 1975, he may not encounter on a marriage, almost a blank chicken raising their children, care for the child and Cao Cao Minh Xuan Thanh Lieu everything from food to activities, especially in a time to spread a positive k hard. Different points as the second home lifestyle nho my lifestyle very different artist’s. He is Adonis, or sing, so good out there pretty much. I had a time conflict with him on this, one time he almost angry I sever the relationship with me. He may be 3-4 nights not sleeping in line to .plete a job. But then then take the cotton hair week. But then I am now 6, to 11 hours of sleep, as well as on any day, throughout the life like that. Structure Latin proverbs says: "The words fly away, but the script for the rest." The words from his not cause trouble for him. But the message of his will. The work by the sound of his will exist as to contribute to a second language study in Vietnam. I hope that lessons will be gathered and published to highlight the value of a philologist Vietnam has international size. The sound of the school’s largest works is the Rock of online learning, thinking about the sound of the school’s position (Nxb National University Hanoi, 2001). This he works from his works written in French Phonologie Linearite et reflexions sur les critiques de la postulats phonologie contemporaine (SELAF, Paris, 1985). The level he’s French, here is a review by two professors AG Haudricourt and C. Hagge (1) : Hagege (1): "First, it should say that the author is a philologist Vietnam never lived in France, but has written the book 273 pages thick with a French cultural excellence." "The first point that some readers know by experience in a book I do not have a subject called phonetics (phonetique), which is not a" negative contact your school "(interphonologie) . I .pletely agree to approve this, but I have never been convinced of the phonetics of balance (and phonetics professional too) about this. " JP Chambon’s Illinnois Nam (2) has .mented on his article "Problems sound in English" as follows: "But the article by Cao has proven an entirely accurate that the language in which fundamental and sound effects is also not what the chi?t more than di?u." "The process of tomatoes and the great effect." We find also said legacy, not by the words of JP Chambon said. I only remind me to conclude: "In fact, some may have to look at the direction of Macau Xuan Hao pointed out, not about the direction of language to create and conversion, to search for a revolution in language Copernic modern school. Not to is an event that rules the stars, When the emergency nature of this set to our country from a socialist world belong Tuesday? "(My emphasis). I, Cao Xuan Hao is the first Vietnamese have a voice on important l lu?n language of world. This is the biggest dream of a person as a science. In this article, I am intentionally not mentioning the name and each of his works, and I call "Mr. Cao Xuan Hao" as he’s both a negative study. I’m sure his reputation will grow and will with time. Death is for everyone, but the life after death is very rare. In these he will have his Cao Xuan Hao. 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