Somali pirates released 26 hostages were imprisoned for 5 years, including Chinese sailors-imjpmig

Somali pirates released 26 jailed for 5 years with the crew hostage Chinese original title: Somali pirates released 26 jailed for 5 years. Reference News Network reported on October 23rd that foreign media said negotiators said 22 Somali pirates released 26 hostages in Asia, in March 2012 3 Naham fishing boat was hijacked after they were imprisoned for nearly 5 years. They come from mainland China, Taiwan, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Philippines and vietnam. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency," 22 reported that Oman’s suspension of Naham 3 fishing boats, in March 2012 in the Seychelles South hijacked by pirates, the ship crew become Somali pirates kidnapped second hostages for a long time. HSP, coordinator of the (Hostage Support Partners) coordinator, who helped negotiate the rescue of the hostages, said: "we are pleased to announce that the crew of Naham was released early this morning." To rescue the "forgotten hostage" retired British Army colonel Shidide told the Agence France-Presse that let the crew and the family still faces an obstacle: pick them out from Garr Caillou, because from Puntland and Jia Mudug region hostile forces are local fighting. Sted said: "Garr Caillou is still in the fight, and now very dangerous, the shelling each other tonight. If we stop fighting, will go to Nairobi tomorrow morning, put them back up and accept medical examination." The United Nations humanitarian agency said last week that the conflict between Garr Caillou this month has killed at least 11 people were killed and more than 50 thousand people have been displaced. Once taken, the crew from mainland China, Taiwan, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam will return home to reunite with their families. Shidide said, "they are far away from the family, in a miserable situation after 4 and a half years." He said that the crew of malnutrition, of which 1 hostages foot with gunshot wounds and 1 other people have had a stroke, there are 1 people suffering from diabetes. Anti piracy non-profit organization "sea pirate free" said in a statement, the pirates had hijacked a crew of 29, but 1 of them to death during a hijacking, another 2 people died in captivity. Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: