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Small blame for your great resentment. Sohu maternal and child 01 as a part of the public dog, since that is not enough to work, can not be enough. For example, I am now sitting in front of the computer for half an hour, but students can not suppress a word. Simply open the site of several cooperation, to release the article, surprised to find an article "a few days ago online reprint of the real education is never to close people angry" up to 30 a few comments, click open, Nani? What the hell is this? Really did not expect, even some people do not feel angry at their relatives on the person who does not lose his temper, or sooner or later into the mental hospital. It seems that there are so many people. Of course, people have the psychology research has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, that we’re better at close to people who bare their minds and the truth, because the inner sense of security. But does not mean that you can not control the unbridled anger against them? The answer must be negative. An adult, I think it’s our duty to try to learn how to handle our emotions, rather than let them grow. 02 of course, I also recognize emotions it is easy to say, hard to do, especially like @694167689 "angry" thirty years of people. Most of the parents of the generation of poor, thrifty, the pursuit of men is the day, advocating the education of sticks, most of us have not been caught in the mood for a small child. Deep in the heart of this practice, but more and more like their appearance… My ex husband and I will go to divorce this step, I have to say that half of the responsibility. Just gave birth to the baby at that time, I very sensitive, anxiety, depression, and he happens to be an enigma, came home from work, I saw a little bit unhappy, hard to hide away from. I called him to do what, he always like leadership as head as Daosuan; and he wanted to talk what, he carefully, evasive, like the children do something wrong. The more so, the more I was on fire. A weekend, the weather is fine, I got up early, full of joy to bring the children to a circle of waves. He promised to call him up, while sleeping in the past, several times after I was a little angry, not conscious of the high tone. He’s wearing clothes, asked me where are you going? "I don’t know, or you want a place!" He said: "you want to, want to tell me. I wait for you!" "You just want to be lazy, saying what I decided, is actually want to save." He was silent for three seconds, "I am not afraid I find where you don’t love." "no, today you go where it is not open, Baidu map" finished, I put the baby into his arms to wash a plug. Because the body is serious. I toss carry off all that one has for nearly half an hour, finally found a satisfied wear. Turn around and ask him, do you want it? People back: or do you want it! Quicker than words can tell, suddenly, my mood like the outbreak of volcano pour out. XX, you can’t decide相关的主题文章: