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Singapore — water pillow across the Millennium journey – there is a sequence of western tourism Sohu died in the Titanic, the interpretation of a love for The imprint is engraved on my heart. for more than half a century. And is located in Zhejiang Chunan Qiandao Lake, there is a quiet lake in the underwater city, Singapore, a heritage of immigrants seeking a dream. "Deep courtyard house, horseshoe dada street, there is a quiet house behind the bottom of the Xin’an River," this is the ancient city of Chunan writer Long Yingtai described, can be time to 1959, in order to build Xin’An river reservoir, 1339 has been the history of the city is 10000 ares Bi wave submerged sink to the bottom, some residents also moved to the distance of 5 kilometers Singapore Jiang Jia, the ancient city was bustling into the ginger home life. Now with the Chunan Jiang Jia Zhen Wen Yuan Singapore officially opened, the sleeping in the lake bottom of the ancient city of Singapore will also surfaced, her face again. Great wall, ancient houses, temples, merit arch, North Street, East Street, the bustling city, Wen Yuan carefully restored then here the Huizhou architecture and downtown buildings. The balance we three in the summer and the little, Shanghai relaxed here, enjoy three days and two nights accommodation play one-stop fun. Through the ancient city to play in the city of 666 meters of the street, only quiet ancient buildings and streets Guxiang, as if people can travel to the trouble free time. But once some hundred years old, in this street was given a new life, Taiyuan shop, jennchong silk Zhuang, such as the true studio will also be here once again set sail. Have to look in the lion city building, there must be a church, under the old city water is said to have more than and 30 church, including merit, chastity, filial piety festival etc. arch, the new 7 seat wenyuange Singapore copy which retains the original text and style, by creating the national intangible cultural heritage of the master, it is generally difficult to distinguish deeply looked at various exquisite carving feel the true history here left, going with vent can immediately calm down when you were walking in the area, accidentally encountered wearing ancient fashion show art, listening to a play, a sip of tea, feel shengshengman. In addition, Singapore 100 Qin floor began performing at half past ten every day must look, in addition to the traditional opera art performances, as well as the finale of the snake show, but have snake eyes and genuine goods at a fair price, with the snake’s father has been 78 years old this year, when the old Yi Zhuang is the meaning. In the ancient city not far from the hills near the village of historians, there is a seven storey pagoda, called Krishna Venta, Singapore is a landmark building, on top of the tower, overlooking the distance, a little taste of autumn, even if it’s just a corner of the lake, the scenery is still alone. History is not just a textbook, it’s not boring, it’s more like a city相关的主题文章: