Short term market sentiment downturn fund chasing security

The short-term market sentiment funds chasing safety assets sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls over the weekend stocks suddenly plunged more than 2%, European stock markets followed U.S. stocks fell sharply, in the fund manager, the external market crash or cause a certain impact on the A stock market. In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, funds wait-and-see atmosphere of unprecedented, before uninterested, some fund managers choose to control the position, chasing the "safety" of assets. Over the medium term, Shanghai a fund manager believes that the current stock market does not have risk factors, particularly large, is expected to last one or two months, the market is still relatively stable, but the long-term economic growth have some worries, or the market will remain rangebound pattern. Shock City, the market is expected to make a larger contribution to excess earnings, and actively adjust the structure of the way or more suitable for the current market. It is worth noting that the recent performance of two types of assets; one is PPP, the market that PPP has important significance to encourage private capital, is expected to PPP mode will be used more widely, the company from the beginning of the two quarter orders and the results are good. Related stock performance in the past month is very good, generally from 20 times the valuation of the times of up to 25 times. However, the construction sector belongs to the traditional industry, limited valuation space, some fund managers believe that the short-term theme or to a high position. Another category is better performance of the smart phone industry chain, the performance of the industry and the valuation of a good match. Apple 7 before and after the release of new products related stocks have been speculation, such as dual cameras, waterproof, antenna, battery suppliers. In addition, fiber optic cable, papermaking industry has achieved from the popular industry counter attack". Fortis fund manager Zhou Xuejun believes that the reform drive, from the recent hot stocks can be seen, the whole market in the pursuit of "safety" assets required for "security" as the basis, better performance and reasonable valuation, selection of value growth stocks. Many fund managers are expected, the next period of time, the partial value growth stocks will continue holding, but the hot or change, will focus on communication, electronics, light industry, building materials, chemical industry etc.. For the early market in favor of the consumer goods sector, fund managers believe that the valuation is not high, but weak growth. Under the CPI low running, low consumer price growth is not conducive to the improvement of corporate performance. In addition, the supply side reform is an important task this year, the fund manager is expected to continue to force, the core in the coal, steel. Investment should focus on the matching of supply and demand, not just stare at the supply side. Since this year’s market is not a trend to strengthen the market hot spots often replaced, the fund manager’s ability to operate, rhythm control capabilities put forward challenges. The industry believes that, for ordinary investors, may be concerned about the good at mining value growth stock fund manager in charge of the fund, they can grasp the industry segments and stocks, and try to grasp the cycle positions, such as the low carbon economy, rich new UBS Investment Strategy Selection, INVESCO low carbon theme Science and technology, Xingquan social responsibility theory相关的主题文章: