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"She" beautiful Sheng Yilun staged adorable love contrast Reba jointly produced by Sina entertainment television, Jiaxing mango media, music video, Di Ali Gerba, Sheng Yilun, Li Xirui, Zhang Binbin starred in the comedy "workplace decompression warm heart beautiful her" (tentative name) is Shanghai hot shot in. The day before, Hunan radio and television station, Lv Huanbin went to the set crew, and advance his staff sent to the mid autumn festival gifts and blessings. The same day, Lu Tai Long at the scene to see Di Ali Gerba, Sheng Yilun, Zhang Binbin and other stars of the shooting, then watch the rough cut samples are presented, on the play style and tonal quality, several stars were praised, and said it should do the production of sophisticated, fashionable youth positive energy the drama. For the king to build the studio crew, the director also said Zhou radio drama is to program studio scene, actor filming can work as above. The crew invited to have made "Lavender", "Puerto Galera", "lover zhuanjiaoyudaolove" and many other hit idol drama, incorporated around the Golden Horse Award for best art design award of the Taiwan senior art team, and build the scene design of full participation in the play. Beautiful she tells the story of a "ugly" woman and a handsome man between the contrast of the first love story. It is reported that the drama is expected to be landing in December, Hunan satellite TV youth when the theater. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: