Sex and the city featuring so many shoe brands now turn it out of the shoe illustration (video) borderland

"Sex and the city" featuring so many shoe brands now turn it out of the shoe illustration drama "sex and the city" so many fashion brands from the explosion models, Fendi Baguette Oscar de la Renta bag and dress are therefore highly sought after. However, when it comes to what can truly represent the desire of the city, the women’s outlook on life and values, it must be the shoes no doubt. When Mr.Big took the Manolo Blahnik blue silk writing to Carrie to marry him, but also because of this pair of shoes symbolizes the choose of love and worth double. Blahnik has therefore felt uneasy when he suddenly found even New York taxi drivers all know him, "in the New York customs entry examination, because too many people in my team, leading to examine my female staff task is too heavy, so I had to send her a check at the end a pair of shoes, to say thank you." In addition, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo is also due to the play on the floor. After a lapse of many years, and now there is a series of shoes will be due to the desire to get attention. This series is "Megan Hess Designer illustrator of this novel desire of the city", Hess is an Australian fashion illustrator, was a London boutique creative director of Liberty, is the high-end department store chain Bloomingdales official illustrator. In her "sex and the city" boxing cover illustration, Hess immediately became the darling of many brands of luxury, Hermes, Louis and her Vuitton and Tiffany have worked together. Hess launched a series of shoes and Shoes Australia’s website Shoes of Prey Co design. Shoes of Prey was founded in 2009, has been allowed the consumers themselves to design and customize shoe line, others are "ready to wear", it is "ready to made", a new concept, but also quite excited the potential of women seems to mean, and "sex and the city" to express things like. Hess this time as an inspiration to participate in activities. Shoes of Prey a total of four women were invited to work with this series, called "Fleur-de-lis". The word meaning is the iris, but it is also the Old French royal insignia. From the photos, the series go all the golden route, a total of three pairs of shoes, and two sets of flats. The price of more than 2000 yuan, the purchase channel has not been fully announced, but Shoes of Prey is sure to sell. I believe the "sex and the city" this gimmick will attract a number of consumers, after all, this association is also recalled in a number of Carrie lines in the play, all of them and shoes are closely related, that I love the most: "standing on high heels, I can see the real world, the foot is not comfortable not shoes the height of the相关的主题文章: