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Settled Mercedes me, Teng potential 400 this time playing big! Auto – Sohu in recent years, the new energy vehicle market share and consumers buy enthusiasm to improve a lot, on the one hand is because the real Car Buying subsidy, and is easy to use and maintenance cost is low, then the properties of the energy conservation and environmental protection. The purchase of new energy vehicles is not only a new choice of travel, but also a manifestation of "new citizen consciousness". Today, the car has been a pillar of the national economy, and the rise of new energy vehicle market has become an important driving force for the development of the entire automotive industry. Especially in China, the new energy vehicle market performance is gratifying, the data show that the first half of this year, China’s new energy vehicles a total production capacity of 177 thousand vehicles, up 125% over the same period last year; cumulative sales of 170 thousand vehicles, up 126.9% over the same period last year, the growth rate even SUV market unpopular than would be more beautiful one times, should be regarded as the first with the car market. The mention of new energy vehicles, always open around the topic is DENZA Teng potential. For wool? Deep background ah! Chinese people believe this, DENZA Teng potential but by the German Mercedes Benz and the Chinese electric car experts BYD jointly launched, but no one in the background. The exchanges in each of the two parties and some areas of focus, DENZA is set on both sides of proton potential essence in a body, has good blood Benz, superior quality and have local strength. Therefore, proton potential of electric vehicles since 2014 after the listing is a way to triumph, to lead the high-end market trend, has become the electric vehicle industry leaders. Just a few days ago, Teng potential officially released the 400 models, the upgrading of EIC system (battery, motor, electric control), a new proton potential 400 in ensuring open and comfortable sitting at ease but also bring 400 km long mileage. For pure electric vehicles have mileage anxiety, a friend can finally rest assured hi! As the Mercedes Benz "son", proton potential of electric vehicles from Mercedes Benz (Chinese) design center design director Olivier Blake? Professor himself, after more than two years, with the Chinese culture and the western advanced design concept, and fully consider the Chinese car habits, so as to create the good feeling, and friendly, texture and safety characteristics of proton potential of electric vehicles. Teng potential 400 is based on the original Teng potential models to upgrade, which is focused on the promotion of power systems and configuration. So, what are the upgrade? Don’t worry, then the answer is announced. According to official data, lithium iron phosphate battery proton potential of 400 models are equipped with the upgrade from 47.5kWh to 62kWh, but due to improved energy density of the battery, the battery volume remains constant; the maximum range from 300km to 400km, integrated mileage from 253km to more than 330km. At the same time, Teng potential 400 output power has become greater, the maximum power of 184ps, peak torque of 30!相关的主题文章: