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September 12th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (of shares), a securities news [policy] assistant central bank governor to further promote Chinese ASEAN financial China eighth two-way open ASEAN financial cooperation and development leaders forum in Guangxi held in Nanning, the central bank assistant governor Yang Ziqiang said at the meeting, to further promote financial Chinese ASEAN two-way open, to ensure open and orderly control, common the prevention of financial risks. CIRC: to encourage innovation and development to enhance the vitality of the agricultural insurance market of Agricultural Insurance Regulatory Commission held a special rectification supervision site meeting meeting said, to encourage innovation and development, enhance the vitality of the agricultural insurance market. To establish positive incentives to encourage tolerance and innovation, support and guide the insurance agencies in the agricultural insurance products, services, channels, technology and other aspects to increase investment, innovation, specialization and intensive development of the road. Sichuan launched a comprehensive reform pilot innovation "financial docking list" Sichuan development and Reform Commission launched the comprehensive reform pilot innovation "financial docking list", including: banking institutions and capital market, listed companies to be listed enterprise loans, issuing corporate bonds, finance and poverty alleviation and development projects in Sichuan Province, and the central financial institutions strategic cooperation. Among them, bank and loan enterprise docking includes 232 companies, 888 million yuan loan demand. [market] face the Hang Seng Index fell 3.4% and 7 months the biggest one-day decline in Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index closed down 3.4% at 23290.60 points, the highest in 7 months since the biggest one-day decline; HSCEI index fell 4.02% reported 9654.08 points, a record in January the biggest one-day decline; the Hang Seng Index fell 3.93% points to 3925.17 red chips. Futures market closed chemical black domestic futures market closed down across the board, rubber asphalt fell over 4%, down over 3%, plastic and glass fell nearly 3%; black coal fell over 3%, coke fell nearly 3%, coal and steel fell over 2%, iron ore fell nearly 2%; basic metal tin Shanghai fell nearly 4%. Shanghai nickel fell over 3%, Shanghai, Shanghai zinc lead down over 2% precious metals; Shanghai silver fell nearly 3%; oil rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil fell over 1%. Share transfer system private market making business pilot work conference released 37 scoring standards national share transfer system yesterday held a meeting of the deployment of private placement market. The national share transfer system organization department director Wu Jiang introduced private sector business pilot and review arrangements, announced the private market pilot work, and announced the private institutions to apply for conditions and 37 standard for evaluation. Beijing part of the bank’s first suite of interest rates return to "15% off" from the real estate service institutions "Ansett WIK" was informed that the interest rate at the end of the Beijing banks on loans first suite to fine tune the three quarter, some banks will return to the first suite of interest rate from the original "17% off" to "15% off", but the pace of lending still remained stable. Compared with the first half, Beijing second-hand housing transaction volume has increased recently, bank interest rates are still relatively loose. 1-7 month SOE profit fell 6.5% last year, revenue growth is the first since last year, according to Ministry of finance data, 1-7 monthly total profit of state-owned enterprises fell by 6.5% (1-6 month on year decline of 8.5%); 1-7 months of state-owned enterprises]相关的主题文章: