Sensex India Over The Years Since Inception-sopor aeternus

Stocks-Mutual-Funds The concept of .mon people investors, thereby shareholders of .panies, became popular when the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) witnessed nascence and started operations 135 years ago. No wonder with the growth of the capital market, India emerged as one of the most balanced economies in the world. It has been the BSE that has played an instrumental role in changing the economic scenario of India. The recent recession, that badly affected world economy but not fully taking India in its grips, stands testimony to the fact. And whatever downtrend was noticed is in a fast recuperation stage; thanks to the RBI measures and efforts of the government. BSE sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitivity Index), measuring a section of the stock market, especially of BSE listed .panies and shares started in the year 1986. It was in the year 1990 that the BSE sensex for the first time touched the four-digit figure closing at 1,001 owing to superb corporate results and a good monsoon. And since then there has been no looking back. With time, the figures increased touching the 2000 mark in the year 1992 and witnessing a further rise to 4000 the same year itself. The year 2006 saw the sensex index exhibiting the 10,000 mark, the greatest milestone being achieved with 21,000 in January 2008. There were major ups’ and little downs in the history of the sensex index. Major crashes were seen on May 22, 2006 with the sensex plunging by 1100 points during intra-day trading. This led to the suspension of trading for the first time since May 17, 2004. Other major crashes include fall by 615 points on 1st August 2007 owing to the effects of the subprime crisis in the USA, tumbling by 717.43 points on October 18, 2007 due to participatory notes issue, plunging by 1,408 points on January 21, 2008 and consecutive falls thereafter until it reached the below 10,000 figure. Currently, at above 17000, the BSE sensex is all geared up to soon pick up its lost glory. Considered the pulse of the Indian capital market, the BSE sensex, also termed sensex India, happens to be India’s first benchmark index on the stock market. Whether it is exchange traded funds (ETF) or futures and options, everything is listed in the BSE. The Sensex India index is calculated on a free float capitalization method of shares readily available for trading. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: