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San Francisco Fed President Williams: incremental interest rates as the best path to FX168 news San Francisco Fed President Williams (John Williams) on Thursday (February 18th) said that the Fed should adhere to the gradual Shengxi plan. He believes that by the end of this year, the U.S. unemployment rate will be 4.5%, inflation rate will reach the 2% target level within two years. Williams said that since last December the Federal Reserve in the past ten years and that will raise interest rates for the first time in 2016 to raise interest rates four times, almost no change in his outlook. Shengxi after December, around the global economic downturn worries over the global stock market crash, the fed in January to halt the troops and wait in the policy aspect, the assessment of the impact of factors that may result in the American economy. It seems that Williams is no longer so worried. "Although the international situation and the development of the market turmoil, but the overall economy still looks pretty good," Williams for the Losangeles City Hall speech said, "I still think the gradual policy normalization step is the best path." Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

旧金山联储主席威廉姆斯:渐进升息为最佳路径   FX168讯 美国旧金山联储主席威廉姆斯(John Williams)周四(2月18日)称,美联储应坚持渐进升息计划。他并认为,到今年年底美国失业率将在4.5%,通胀率料将在两年内达到2%目标水平。   威廉姆斯称,自去年12月美联储实施近十年来首次升息并暗示会在2016年升息四次以来,他的前景展望几乎没有变化。   12月升息过后,围绕全球经济下行的担忧拖累全球股市暴跌,令美联储1月不得不在政策方面按兵不动,评估这一因素可能对美国经济造成的影响。   目前看来威廉姆斯似乎已不再那么担心。   “尽管国际局势及市场发展剧烈动荡,但美国经济总体而言看起来仍相当不错,”威廉姆斯在准备面向洛杉矶市政厅发表的演讲稿中称,“所以我仍然认为采用渐进式政策正常化步伐是最佳路径。”   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: