Russian media said the Chinese military UAV into the global products more popular than noiseware

Russian media said the Chinese military UAV into the more popular than domestic products: global data figure: Rainbow -5 hollow long endurance UAV unveiled at the Zhuhai air show. Reference News Network November 3 news media said, Chinese in the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show will display the new military UAV rainbow -5. This is the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (CASC) large UAV, flight time is longer, can carry a variety of weapons, is currently the most severe Chinese uav. Russian military expert analysis of the performance of Kashin rainbow -5 uav. The Russian satellite network reported on November 1st, at the Zhuhai airshow in China once again confirmed himself as a military UAV production power fact. CASC production of Rainbow series of military unmanned aerial vehicles over the years the export momentum has been high. They can be seen in the Middle East and North africa. One of the main features of the new rainbow -5 is its longer navigation time. Its initial version of the flight time has been more than 40 hours, and its upgraded version of the flight time of up to 120-130 hours. It has a maximum range of 6500 km and a maximum load of more than 900 kg. It will be an effective tool for combating insurgents by means of a satellite command system. As everyone knows, the essence of counterinsurgency operations has become the main battle form today. Compared with the U.S. UAV, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, many countries prefer Chinese uav. One reason is that Americans are always trying to impose a lot of legal conditions on any arms trade with developing countries. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in terms of its technology level, China’s UAV is close to similar products in the United States, and the price is cheaper. China can not only provide a large number of relatively simple UAV for artillery, but also provide the like to see the Zhuhai airshow rainbow -805 stealth drone. These drones can be used by air defense forces to deal with the stealth aircraft combat means, or in the enemy under the conditions of strong resistance to complete the task of investigation. China is also building a similar U.S. "Global Hawk" heavy strategic reconnaissance drones to deal with the Pacific war. Thus, China is pushing forward all directions in the global UAV market.相关的主题文章: