Rouge exposure episode MV Zhao Liying interpretation of love brave Lu

"Rouge" episode MV Zhao Liying exposure Lu Yi interpretation of love brave Sina entertainment news by Xu Zhou Ji’s director, Zhao Liying Lu Yi, [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and the high yen value high popularity actor starred in the strength of the most burning in Spy Drama "rouge" has recently exposed the episode "love let I am brave" MV, [micro-blog] singing songs by Wang Sulong, Dong Dongdong [micro-blog] composer, Chen Xi lyrics, melody soothing beautiful, as if in the actress blue Rouge tone to her during the war years, in love, friendship and national interests in struggle. MV Zhao Liying Lu Yi in the beautiful blood exposure fragment from MV images of unrequited love exposure, there are a lot of action scenes shootout, worthy of "the burning" in the spy drama scene; but blood, a lot of scenes with Lu Yi and Zhao Liying Yuan Wenkang are both full of romantic elements, the petals flying in the sky the rain has a cinema shenqingxiangyong. As the first female perspective about the blood’s Spy Drama, MV can not only see the image of Zhao Liying as the protagonist of rich girl blue Rouge can see her naivete, short haired spy image, shooting, blasting, full blood female agent style; Lu Yishi’s actor Zhou Yuhao is to have three identities the complex agent, identity and position so that he can not always to the beloved woman show, with blue eyes like Rouge look in Yuan Wenkang’s Song Mian have thousands and thousands of words; mature, resolute and courageous; and Tao Xin ran as Feng Manna was her best friend carmine blue, but because the karma stand in a different position to the gun at. Singer Wang Sulong with its warm voice to sing the episode "love makes me brave", the whole song is like in the blue Rouge tone, in the era of power support in the flames of war, blue Rouge constantly move, is the love between the week Yu Hao made her more brave. How can Zhou Yuhao blue rouge and lovers? "Rouge" by Hairun Television Productions Ltd, Haining Television Culture Co., Ltd. Moon Flower new Laguna TV culture Investment Limited jointly produced, Xu Ji Zhou director, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and the actor starred in, will visit the Oriental, Zhejiang’s two largest TV audience meeting on September 27th please look forward to, "rouge" blood!相关的主题文章: