RNG TSM means China Corps was suspended replay black t420s

RNG TSM means China Corps was suspended replay black? ? this morning, S6 global finals staged in shock EDG lost the first game, RNG will challenge the host TSM home court battle. Leopard female, spider and excavator all on the BAN LIST, although it is the first game of the group stage, but the RNG does not have any reservations, took out three BAN wild hit strategy, directly to the wild TSM can only get the function of playing wild scorpions. RNG enabled double mother flow with high speed in the opposite scorpion unexpectedly shortly after the start of the game, the game appeared suspended for 2 times, then the game announced the re BAN PICK, this scene is reminiscent of the S2 world finals. S2 WE team has the strength to win, because the result of the suspension of the game, and then re BAN PICK, premature exposure of curly robot tactics, opponents BAN off the robot; RNG suffered the same situation, is not the host? Open the cable pulling tactics? Hope RNG and B PLAN. (Chongqing Times reporter Zhao Yingji)相关的主题文章: