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Arts-and-Entertainment Each type of photography has a term associated with it. Photographers market themselves using these terms to appeal to their potential clients. They may be traditional, classic, fresh, modern, emotional, fashionable, dramatic, artistic, and pretty much any other term you can .e up with. You may not understand these terms and they may not always be easy to understand because anyone can brand their photography without a set of standards that they must adhere to. It is your decision on whether you feel their style is what youre looking for which should be based on samples that they have available in their portfolio. There are two predominant types of photography that are used for weddings. The first is what most people know from the past and is termed traditional photography. In traditional wedding photography, the photographer has a lot of the lead in determining which pictures are taken and how they are done. People are usually looking directly at the camera and every aspect of the picture has to be perfect from the dress to the smiles and the other surroundings as well. The images are planned ahead of time and the photographer may even have a list of poses and where or how the pictures are going to be taken. There is usually a set time period for when the pictures will be taken where everyone gets ready to pose. These are the types that have been featured in traditional wedding magazines and can be very easy to plan but usually arent very original and can appear stiff or fake looking. A sense of fun may be missing. A different type of wedding photography which many people and photographers lead towards is photojournalism in the wedding photography. Essentially, the pictures tell a story without words. The pictures alone provide the narration and you can follow the events of what happened with them. The photographer doesnt give anyone at the wedding direction on how to pose and instead observes their surroundings and captures them in the most awe-inspiring way possible. It is more popular now because it is very low stress and offers real memories instead of staged ones. It also integrates photography into your already planned wedding without needing its own time slot in the day. It may not work for everyone though because you may not appear the best you can in every single picture, the results have the possibility to be incredibly unpredictable, and you dont know which shot will be your favorite until you get the results back. Each person must decide what they want for their wedding style. Your chosen photographer has to have your style in mind because you cant have two there with vastly different styles as theyll be stepping on each others toes trying to get the perfect shot in. Know your expectations ahead of time. If you stress a lot and definitely want a specific set of shots you may want traditional but a photojournalistic approach may suit you if you want to put your trust into someone elses hands to see what they can do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: