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"Queen Qiao An" Qi Wei poison chicken soup queen Qi Wei Fan Qiwei look more enjoyable Nuanwei shots of Qi Wei riding a motorcycle Sina entertainment news by Qi Wei [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Wang Xiaochen, Chen Yifei, Huang Yilin starred in the metropolis emotion female inspirational drama is now in the two round of the Shenzhen TV hit the line. Qi Wei played in the drama of the Joanne corner because the distinctive cold female temperament and the audience called "walking the Freon" dress continued online, anti routine "poison chicken soup" is a hot topic. For the queen Qiao An’s two round of broadcast, users have said that although it has been brushed over the two times, but still full of expectations. More friends laugh: "winter drink Joanne poison chicken stomach also fun." "Queen Qiao An" the two round of broadcast Qi Wei Qi Wei more fun poison chicken stomach drama starring "Queen Qiao An" is the two round of the Shenzhen satellite TV broadcast, premiered at Qi Wei in the play "poison chicken soup" has captured the hearts of a public audience: bestie questioned why she is always so harsh, her answer is "because life is not a fairy tale in the face of Jiang Qifei"; the pursuit of directly said, "don’t pretend you don’t have money if Jiang Qifei still loves his mother Maria!" Comparison of character, her temperature to warm more spicy quotations. The two set in a carousel of winter, and winter to "poison chicken soup" may be more memorable. Two urban drama works of Du Lala and Jo Ann Qi Wei poison Qi Wei this summer, the role of personality change focused on the file, Qi Wei portrayed Du Lala as a unique "dirty Lara, fun. The "Queen Qiao An" in Joanne high cold like "walking and Freon" export is a "poison chicken soup", poisonous words can make people refreshed. The drama is the high cold queen, Qi Wei is forced to make girls off screen addiction, not only Nathan Lee and her husband [micro-blog] to play games, but also played a game with cos image. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: