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Put 138 days of Kiwi also hard? – Food Channel – People’s original title: put 138 days of Kiwi also hard? We often eat kiwi fruit, but recently the news in Jiangsu he met a doubt, his Kiwi forgot to eat after the purchase, after 138 days of storage or even hard. Kiwi have so "longevity"? It is itself not perishable or what reason? Professor Feng Shuangqing of China Agricultural University College of food science and Nutritional Engineering said the kiwi constant for a long time soft situation is likely to exist, can not say "longevity" kiwifruit must be the addition of chemical reagents. Kiwi at room temperature while seven days ten days, soft, rotten, half a month half bad argument, but if harvested kiwifruit is very hard, and no mechanical injury, no ethylene stimulation, and the temperature is not very high, so there may be a long time kiwi is not mature and not corrupt the situation. As we worry about is whether Kiwi chemical reagent was forced to extend the life of Feng Shuangqing said the kiwi can be placed 6~8 month does not decay in the refrigeration temperature of 0 DEG C, generally do not need to extend the shelf life of the addition of chemical reagents. The long time room temperature does not rot kiwi, Feng Shuangqing guess may be picked after the smart fresh treatment, smart fresh is 1- methyl propylene propylene fruit and vegetable storage and preservation technology. This technology can not only inhibit the release of ethylene kiwi fruit, so that its long-term preservation, but also safe and reliable, no harm to the human body. It is also legal in our country. In our daily life, we should pay attention to the selection of varieties, look at the shape of kiwifruit. Generally cylindrical fur or no hair, the taste will be better, and the flesh is yellow, yellow green or red will be more delicious. In terms of maturity, if you want to eat right away, then it is necessary to pick a relatively soft, if you want to put a little longer time to pick a little harder. There should be noted that the selection of kiwi fruit should pay attention to the choice of both ends of the small section of the handle, if the large cross-section of the handle, then the inside of the white core is not good will be relatively wide. Kiwi is rich in nutritional value, vitamin C king ", especially the red kiwi not only high content of vitamin C, also contain anthocyanins, antioxidant effect is better. In addition, a lot of kiwi pectin, help defecation, the elderly and children can eat. (Health Times reporter Sun Huan) (commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Zhao Jinghan)相关的主题文章: