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Spirituality When I first saw the ad for the Puritan Hard Drive I was astonished that so much was included. I always pray before I search my computer for something God would want me to read. When I was led to the website of Still Waters Revival Books, I knew my prayer had been answered. Everything I could possibly need for the rest of my life was right there in the Puritan Hard Drive. Then I saw the price. Although the price is incredibly reasonable, I never in a million years thought I could own it. So I prayed some more and contacted the owners. A deal was made and now this incredible library of Puritan and Reformation books, MP3s and videos are mine to delve into. It is almost overwhelming. I will be spending years in study. As I endeavor to do advanced studies by these olden-day writers, I am struck by how many they were. I do have some who are my favorites like, Charles Spurgeon and John Foxe, to name a couple. The Puritan Hard Drive search makes finding these writings extremely easy. I need go no further than get a subject to study and then search for any writings on it. Up comes a huge list with hundreds of books and audio to allow the study to be completely studied to the max. How blessed this hard drive is. Those who put the time and effort to make this possible have been obviously led by the Holy Spirit, and blessed by God. That blessing continues to be passed on to whomever buys and uses the Puritan Hard Drive as it was made to be used. The writers of old were blessed and led to write. Now hundreds of years later, reread by us, the blessing continues. Classic writings for the new Christian, and old. There is something for all classes of study. "The truth shall set you free." This little sentence is so healing. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, and at a young age I questioned the truth of my religion. God’s hand in my life, through the Holy Spirit, led me to the truth as an adult. I was misled by many TV evangelists who sounded great but did not satisfy my need. After reading many writers, the Reformed and Puritan writers have it! They knew how to be holy, in the grace of our Lord. Now with the Puritan Hard Drive, I too will learn and live a holy life. It is not hard when you hunger for the truth. It is around. Ground yourself in the Word and in prayer and the truth will set you free. Thank you to all those who were involved in making this incredible resource available for anyone who really and truly wants to live by the Word of God. God Bless! – Linda Theriault (AB, Canada) Please visit Still Waters Revival Books at puritandownloads.com. About the Author: Still Waters Revival Books (SWRB) has been publishing and distributing (free and at discounts) classic and contemporary Christian (Puritan, Reformation, Reformed, Presbyterian, Baptist, Covenanter, Calvinistic, etc.) books, audio (lately MP3s), and videos, worldwide, for over 25 years. For information about the Puritans, including free and discounted Puritan books, Puritan MP3s, Puritan digital downloads, and Puritan videos, as well as the Puritan Hard Drive, please visit Still Waters Revival Books at .www.puritandownloads.com. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Spirituality 相关的主题文章: