Public Security Bureau during the national day of the window can not do a driver’s license passport aizi

The Public Security Bureau window during the national day over license Passport ID can do the National Day holiday approaching, for the convenience of the use of vacation for household, immigration, chariotest pipe business people, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau of the window to give up the rest, to the foreign office during the holidays, people need to handle the relevant business, please arrange your time to handle. Huzhengguanli detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the county (city) household registration hall and the police to the area in October 4th and October 5th 9 – 15 for household services for the public. Traffic police departments will be 9 hours a day at 11:30, 13:30 – when handling motor vehicle business and driver’s license 15. Among them, the motor vehicle business issued by motor vehicle license plate, including temporary repair for motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle inspection marks, make renewal within six years of receiving inspection exempt vehicles marks, change the vehicle owner contact; driving license business includes a motor vehicle driving license expires replacement, replacement of the motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle driving license for voluntary drop, the change of motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle driving license certification information. During the National Day holiday, the city’s public security exit and entry administration departments will open up the admissibility of the green channel for the public to provide quality and efficient services.相关的主题文章: