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The pound fell not to wear 1.39 Euro dragged down by falling – Sohu financial FX168 hearing on Wednesday (February 24th) sales of new homes and Markit services PMI data released by the United States are weak, the dollar index fell slightly, but the Fed officials recently spoke to boost, remain at 97 above the mark. Pound sterling continued to slump, all the way down, Europe and the United States time fell below 1.3900, refresh 7 years low, the euro dragged down. EIA, the latest data showed that U.S. crude oil inventories increased moderately, but gasoline and oil refining decreased, beauty boosted by high oil could refresh, but then quickly turned down. Iran and Saudi Arabia said yesterday that the major oil producing countries had no intention of reducing production in the short term, and the oil supply glut would be difficult to improve in the short term. Spot gold has been boosted by crude oil and European and American stock markets, breaking through the $1250 ounce pass. However, the weak data Fed officials confidence does not change the dollar index fell slightly in the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) released Wednesday, January new home sales fell less than expected. Detailed data show that the United States in January the new housing sales rate of 494 thousand households, estimated for 520 thousand households, in December identified as 544 thousand households. New home sales in the United States fell by 9.2% in January compared with 4.4% in the previous month. In December, the growth rate was reduced to 8.2%, and the former value was 10.8%.

英镑重挫不止跌穿1.39 欧元受拖累不断下滑-搜狐理财   FX168讯周三(2月24日)美国公布的新屋销售以及Markit服务业PMI数据均表现疲弱,美元指数小幅下滑,但受美联储官员近日讲话提振,依然位于97关口上方。英镑 美元则继续维持暴跌模式一路下跌,欧美时段跌破1.3900刷新7年新低,欧元受拖累不断下滑。日内最新公布的EIA数据显示上周美国原油库存适度增加,但汽油和精炼油下降,美油布油受到提振刷新日高,但随后很快转而下滑。伊朗与沙特昨日的表态表明,主要产油国短期内无意减产,油市供过于求局面短期内恐难以改善。现货黄金则受到原油及欧美股市下滑提振一举突破1250美元 盎司关口。  数据疲弱然美联储官员信心不改 美元指数小幅回落  美国商务部(DOC)周三公布,美国1月新屋销售环比下降,逊于预期。  详细数据显示,美国1月新屋销售年率为49.4万户,预估为52万户,12月确定为54.4万户。  美国1月新屋销售较前月下降9.2%,预估为下降4.4%。12月增幅被下修至8.2%,前值为增长10.8%。相关的主题文章: