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Positioning awkward Wei understand become the next line? Sohu – car to ask which car the most tolerant, non FAW Volkswagen is. Over the past few years, the SUV market in full swing, FAW Volkswagen seems to turn a blind eye to today, there is still a SUV to meet the market. Blink of an eye, FAW Volkswagen has 6 years did not push new products. While we expect the FAW Volkswagen will bring what car, positioning in the cross-border car traveling the collar came to them but upset. Polaris platform to build Wei collar based on, so many people think the ramshackle Volkswagen long line. Then, the sale of 12.59-16.29 Yuan Wei collar, will not become the next sales of the general public long line, it can sell it? "Six year itch" or bilon more embarrassing is the FAW Volkswagen Wei led the "six year itch", it appears more like everyone in order to block the mouth. Indeed, a hot SUV, FAW Volkswagen blind. Instead, through a cross-border travel car to improve the FAW Volkswagen product line, it is difficult to touch the mind. Back to Wei collar, from the modeling point of view, it is like a travel car. As for why Beibei like, everybody is not difficult to guess, a collar with a real sense of travel or car have obvious difference. What is the difference, interested friends can check the Internet, Beibei in which not too elaborate. In a word, the collar is to create a platform based on the Polaris, powertrain, suspension, chassis, etc. with Polaris technology configuration is not much difference. There is something else that they don’t have the same shape and loading space. To be honest, was a "European touring car" face the blue collar, very reminiscent from Volkswagen’s siblings, long line. We often pay more attention to car city friends all know, the long line is Lavida family’s siblings, the platform and the majority of data with little difference Langyi sedan sales wang. But SAIC Volkswagen in the long line of publicity, and did not like the collar so much emphasis on the positioning of its wagon. In the terminal sales, SAIC Volkswagen is also a long line of golf or golf club for comparison. This is caused by the location of the long line to you more like a multifunctional hatchback, rather than a wagon. Looking back at the Wei collar, whether it is the publicity of the FAW Volkswagen, or Wei Wei revealed its own overall temperament, are showing it is a travel car. Unfortunately, Chinese than Europeans, first in the geographical conditions, China are more people and less land, China geographical conditions are not suitable for travel car, a variety of features allows SUV to despise control, which is why SUV can be one of the reasons in the China hot; secondly, the family structure Chinese decision the Chinese often there are old and small, even three generations or four generations, travel car is also not suitable for Chinese; finally, because most of the European countries is cold, part of the national holiday is very long, and even some national holidays and a half of the day state, and Chinese year holiday is very limited, which still have time to travel? A variety of reasons determine the car in the middle.相关的主题文章: