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Pork fried scattered cauliflower, crisp and fragrant coke! Eat this Fried Cauliflower – Sohu today is simple, with scattered cauliflower, is relatively brittle that, instead of pushing type, the effect is similar to the hotel in the dry pot cauliflower, different is the restaurant to make this dish will put cauliflower fried, then fried, mainly to dry sweet taste, if it is boiled with water then this dish will lose dry incense smell, but if the house to make this dish fried, then a little too wasteful, a broken cauliflower also used a pan of oil to fry, is crazy, so we have to use dry stir technique to do this food, time will be longer, but the taste and taste are also good. Ingredients: cauliflower powder grams of pork seasoning: salt grams grams of soy sauce garlic chili grams grams of sugar amount of several cauliflower split into small pieces, cut the meat into a little thick piece of spare heat wok, put the amount of oil to stir fry until half cooked meat and then put pepper and stir with a aroma of garlic Fried Cauliflower then put into place. Salt, a small fire slowly fried, it takes about six or seven minutes, until the cauliflower somewhat soft, then put sugar into soy sauce and fry, you can pan the postscript must use loose cauliflower, especially crisp, if that Baotuan cauliflower, is not up to effect. The core is the small fire slowly Fried Cauliflower, the fire is too large paste, too small for a longer period of time, after the cauliflower will put salt, salt can extract some water to soften some cooking cauliflower thing flower oil a little more than usual, too little is not good stir fry. Soy sauce must become soft in cauliflower and then put the pot to heat, a little time to put, let go out of soy sauce aroma. This is my first book, is a description of the process of cooking a particularly detailed recipes, although I can not say what you can teach, but I believe it will be of great help to you!相关的主题文章: