Popovich All Star singled Kobe elbowed me because I’m too fast-kasey chase

Popovich: All Star singled Kobe elbowed me because I’m too fast all star weekend two people on sina sports news this year is Kobe Bryant’s final all star game, although he did not make the final with a MVP trophy for his NBA career all star tour ended, but he is still very good enjoy the all star weekend. The Western Conference all star team coach Popovich once during the all star game in training a few days ago and Kobe Bryant had singled out, he tried to stop Kobe, but Kobe is too easy to fall, this video is the major site of crazy in a few days ago. Today is Kobe’s NBA career last season, playing the Spurs, Popovich recalled the experience and said: "he is definitely a contender, but I can beat singled in, because he elbowed me! Because I’m too fast!" Obviously, the father of the lost brood on Kobe still singled out. But did Kobe elbowed Popovich? I believe the video fans know that Kobe used the feet light off Popovich, without any additional action, Popovich did not follow Kobe, he is also trying to cover Kobe did not succeed. Of course, as a "fudge Legion leader, Popovich said, a punctuation can not believe! Of course, this is just a joke with Popovich media, and Kobe Bryant the same year he entered the NBA alliance, the alliance is also the ruler of their Freemasonry reflected in a number of occasions. If the Never mind is very good, so he will personally and old Kobe singled out? (Yin Chengyuan)

波波维奇:全明星单挑科比肘击我 因为我太快 全明星周末两人的单挑   新浪体育讯  今年是科比-布莱恩特的最后一届全明星赛,尽管他最终没能以一座MVP奖杯为自己的NBA生涯全明星之旅画上完美的句号,但是他还是很好的享受了全明星周末。   西部全明星队主教练波波维奇曾在前几天的全明星赛训练期间与科比-布莱恩特有过单挑,老爷子试图阻止科比,但是却被科比轻松过掉,这段视频在前几天被各大网站疯传。   今天是科比NBA生涯最后一次打马刺,赛季,波波维奇在回忆起这段经历时说:“他绝对是一个竞争者,但能够在单挑中击败我,是因为他肘击我了!因为我太快了!”很显然,老爷子对这次单挑中不敌科比依然耿耿于怀。   但是,科比到底有没有肘击波波维奇?相信看过视频的球迷都知道,科比利用脚步轻松的过掉了波波维奇,没有任何附加动作,波波维奇根本就跟不上科比,他还试图封盖科比也没能成功。   当然,作为“忽悠军团”的首领,波波维奇所说的话,一个标点符号都不能相信!   当然,这只是波波维奇对付媒体的一句玩笑,与科比-布莱恩特同一年进入NBA联盟的他,同样是这个联盟的统治者,他们的惺惺相惜也在多个场合得到体现。如果没有很好的关系,如此高龄的老爷子会亲自上场和科比单挑吗?   (殷承元)相关的主题文章: