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Police: man beaten "grandma insole jingfangxingju had a history of mental illness – Sohu news 2015, Hangzhou nine year old grandma selling insoles for visual China popular in the circle of friends in Hangzhou in 2015, a more than and 90 year old man with perennial stall selling insoles became popular, was friends affectionately known as" grandma insole". In November 4th, when the 93 year old "grandma insoles" as usual stall in Hangzhou Qingchun Road, a delicacy in front of the city, is a 54 year old man with a homemade nunchukus unprovoked assault, resulting in "insole grandma" intracranial hemorrhage, the head more than and 20 sewing needles. The suspects after the attack had kneeled on the ground, claiming that they are suffering from mental illness. November 5th, Hangzhou police issued a notice saying that the suspect Wang has a history of mental illness, has been under criminal detention, the spirit of its judicial identification. The old man was suddenly hit the stall on November 4th morning at about 9, "grandma and grandma are blocking insoles" as usual, at a roadside stall selling insoles. Suddenly rushed over a more than and 50 year old man, picked up in the hands of the nunchaku to grandma on the head to swing blocking. According to a nearby delicacy city security, blocking the grandmother after being hit bleeding, blocking grandma clothes stalls, grandma is normally used to sell even with a calculator, a comic book…… There’s blood everywhere. There are people immediately after taking out a piece of paper towels to help block the grandmother to stop bleeding, and help the police call the emergency call. Soon, blocked grandmother was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Witnesses said the hit men look somewhat unusual, the man had been wounded after blocking grandma kneels on the floor to kowtow, blocking grandma also advised him to "go away". After that, the assailant was patrolling police away. According to the No.1 People’s Hospital of Hangzhou emergency room doctors, blocking my grandmother was sent to the hospital when sweating blood, conscious, but always not to utter a single word. It is understood that a total of two cases of blocking the brain after the grandmother was suture needle more than and 20. In addition, the left side of the head of the grandmother also has a slight skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, 4 pm began to fall into a coma. November 5th at about 8 in the evening, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted No.1 People’s Hospital of Hangzhou that grandma is still in a coma, is still receiving treatment in the emergency resuscitation room. Last year, due to the popularity of insoles to sell in 2015, there are friends on the Internet released a block granny braved the cold wind in the flower bed selling insoles, comic books and other small objects photos, causing widespread concern. It is said that the old man’s wife has died, in order to take care of the paralyzed son came out to do a little business, life is very difficult, I hope we can help her. Since then, every day a lot of people from all over Hangzhou came to take care of the elderly business. A lot of good people to buy a few pairs of insoles, you will choose to leave a hundred dollars bills silently leave. In the face of generous people, not only did not block Grandma happy, but some angry. The old man had said in an interview: "I have insurance, not short of money, you don’t give me the money." It turned out that the so-called hard life selling insoles save children is a misunderstanding. It is understood that the 93 year old grandmother was blocking a Hangzhou embroidery crafts company employees after retirement is still maintained a handmade Xi Han相关的主题文章: