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People’s Daily: the new medicine to catch up with the class, hear clinicians have such complaints — every day and are busy outpatient surgery for medical research often can not ignore the clinical research – View – medical field management, but also to do research, how come we have time and energy? As both clinical and research relationship is contradictory and irreconcilable, this will lose. In fact, this is mainly for medical research has a greater misunderstanding. There are two models in medical research, one is basic biomedical model, the other is clinical medicine model. The former is concerned with the mechanism of pathogenesis and treatment, and the more basic research methods and methods of biomedicine. The latter is the theory and method of comprehensive use of medicine, epidemiology, statistics and other disciplines, etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease, and improve the quality of life of patients with the focus on the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment, it is more emphasis on the process of clinical practice, accumulation, analysis and Research on the effective and high quality clinical data the. However, the field of clinical diagnosis and treatment in China is still in the "big" stage, so far, few clinical studies of high quality, large sample, multi center adopted by international guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of clinical medical research, either in quantity or in quality, there is still great rise and progress of space. The lack of understanding of the two types of medical research is the direct cause of clinical complaints. National research projects, the application of funds and funding system and other institutional mechanisms, so that many clinicians believe that medical research is the basis of biomedical research. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, clinicians can not only engage in basic biomedical research, but also should be engaged in clinical medicine research. In addition, from the point of view of the current problems in the development of medical science, the research of basic biomedical science in our country is developing rapidly, while the progress of clinical medicine is relatively slow. So, how to solve this problem? First of all, the key to solve the problem is to change the concept. The national Ministry of science and technology, the relevant fund committee, medical colleges and other relevant departments should change the management concept, not only attach importance to basic biomedical research, more attention should be paid to the clinical medical research, in the project application, fund investment, talent cultivation project in the process of solving clinical problems and firmly grasp the key, from the clinic, the clinic go. Secondly, it is necessary to focus on the special support of the two teams, that is, "research physician team" and "clinical research team". Let the research team of physicians through clinical research first obtained evidence of international recognition, and transformed into clinical diagnosis and treatment methods, and health related policies, enhance the level of health services, and the specific problems in the clinical findings into a number of scientific questions, by clinical full-time research the team of these scientific problems of basic biomedical aspects, the results later translated into clinical application, so as to make the innovation of medical science and technology to form a complete loop research. Third, cultivating the consciousness of evidence. Overall, China’s current clinical medical research is relatively weak, reflected in the number of studies, but the overall quality is low, mainly)相关的主题文章: