Peking University Students and butcher why different

Peking University Students and why different Li Sihui butcher opinion commentary authors according to media reports, recently, over 50 year old Lu Buxuan appeared in Guangzhou, hold the knife to sell pork. After he graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University in the name of selling pork, was ordered to do local work. Nearing retirement, Lu Buxuan gave up a secure job, "back" from the sale of pork. Under the conditions of market economy, everyone has the freedom to choose their career freely. Lu Buxuan holding "a secure job" retired, the new surgeon to sell pork or are not what his freedom, right and wrong. Lu Buxuan twice sold pork, causing onlookers, sparked discussion, resulting in a sensational effect, it is worth thinking about. That year, Lu Buxuan graduated from Peking University, was assigned to a small state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi, after the collapse of the state-owned enterprises, he sold pork for a living. 2003, Peking University students selling pork, the news headlines, sparked heated discussion. Turn the newspapers and magazines, then check the forum thread, will find that the public almost overwhelmingly think such a thing "should not", the vehemence is dished out the "wasted talent" and "the shame" and "education of shame" and other claims. This intense discussion, and ultimately to the relevant aspects of Guangzhou Lu Buxuan to arrange public office and calm down. A cycle of 13 years, now in institutions over 10 years, Lu Buxuan decided to resign, again, once again become the focus of some media attention. The same is Lu Buxuan, the same is Peking University students selling pork, this time the reaction of public opinion is very different from the year. "Wasted talent" and "education of shame", with deep hatred and resentment is almost invisible, support, praise, admiration of many more people are very indifferent. Why is there such a change? On the surface, because of the public university enrollment, graduates of the "elite" is expected to cut down a small business, and more college graduates, university students have less novelty selling pork. In essence, this is the result of the continuous improvement of the market economy and the great emancipation of the public’s ideas. The popularization of university education, the freedom of employment and occupation, the breaking of the occupational boundary — the reform has pushed the whole society’s idea from single to multiple. In the era of pluralism, the standards of success and success are also changing. Success is no longer a single standard, butcher meat is not ashamed of what. We advocate in the textbook "occupation no distinction or distinction" and "the three hundred and sixty elements, adventure.has" concept, is that. For example, Lu Buxuan once felt he gave his alma mater, lost his face, but not long ago, the school also asked him to return to his alma mater to do a field report. Visible, not only to university students to sell pork for shame, but the diligent graduates is Rong, this is Chinese university education, intellectual Chinese and more inclusive and open a footnote. In the era of progress, the level of understanding of each person is also in progress. The passage of time, the same person look at the same thing, feelings and judgment may be different, see the changing times of different refraction, we will perceive our ideological emancipation, can be more proactive in the perspective of development issues. For example, Peking University, selling pigs相关的主题文章: