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Peak Innovation: confused era, packaging how strategic innovation? Sohu, science and technology Texun November 14th news: the seventh session of the Chinese packaging innovation and sustainable development forum held in Ningbo, the forum discussed the status of the packaging and packaging design field, and forecasts the development trend of packaging industry. One peak of innovation (Beijing) Advertising Co. Ltd. General Manager Qu Yifeng (2016 Chinese food outstanding marketing planner) made a keynote speech, the following speech content summary: China is now fourth times of consumption, the consumption of new era will be dominated by young people, and the birth of a new scene; consumption trend to cater to the new consumption. The brand is mainly to create content IP, and enterprise packaging is the most direct embodiment of enterprise strategy, the future will pay more attention to product experience. In twentieth Century the famous business thinker Peter Jean J think that business has two functions: marketing and innovation. Packaging is the fusion of these two concepts, the essence of packaging is a marketing tool, a good package must accurately convey product information, and their own unique distinctive characteristics, ignoring any of them, will weaken the product popularity, consumer loyalty, and even affect sales, attract the best packaging design the visual effect of the number of consumers is 77% higher than the other. Packaging has become a strategic choice for enterprises to become the largest sales and flow of packaging is the entrance of the brand has a story of the face, the whole chain is the least effective investment in the chain. Packaging itself is gradually playing a role in the transformation of multiple identities, autobiography, media, etc.. We are very familiar with the century old brand Coca-Cola, has been trying to innovate on the packaging, the lyrics bottle, line bottles, commemorative bottles…… The new packaging, packaging as a marketing tool, a good communication with consumers. Nongfushangquan attaches great importance to packaging, its high-end mineral water, tea beverage and tea beverage "Oriental leaves" tea "packaging have won international package design awards and so on. Packaging is the most direct channel to communicate with consumers, where the product, consumers can see, what the product wants to convey information, packaging is the best carrier. It is worth mentioning that the essence of packaging is to seduce, is to let potential customers like you, to share with you. Whether it is on the shelf product, or on the Internet products, packaging design is to make the product in different scenarios to seduce customers. The hearts of consumers is the ultimate marketing, emotional appeal of multi-dimensional and differences in people’s consumption psychology determines the packing of the goods must be multi-dimensional, in order to attract specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior. Packaging is the epitome of marketing strategy, psychological strategy of packaging design is the promotion of creative logic, it should not only visually attract specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior, but also to capture consumers from psychological excitement and the desire to buy. The changing trend of packaging presents new consumer habits, promote advanced technology provides sufficient conditions for the packaging enterprises remain innovative, also let the advertising company based in order to achieve more creative means more fit consumer packaging. Future, packaging trends will be flat相关的主题文章: