Park Geun hye support rate hit the lowest 59% of respondents held a negative evaluation – Sohu

Park Geun hye support rate hit at lowest 59% of respondents were negative news – Sohu China vision Park Geun hye figure Xinhua News Agency Seoul on October 14th news, South Korea Gallup company issued 14 poll, the second week of October, South Korean President Park Geun hye’s support rate is only 26%, this is the lowest since President Park Geun hye. According to South Korea Gallup in October second weeks of the 1026 adult survey results, only 26% of respondents hold a positive evaluation of the ability of administration of the park, 59% of the respondents had a negative evaluation. Among them, 30 to 40 year old respondents to park Geun hye’s lowest support rate, only about 11%. After congressional elections in April this year, Pu Jinhui’s support rate continued to slump, only hovering in the range of 29% to 34%. After second weeks in September, its support rate has gradually declined and reached the lowest level this week. The poll results show that the administration of Park Geun hye to give negative evaluation of the reasons were "lack of communication with the people", "economic policies" and "autocratic" and "improper personnel" etc.. Some analysts believe that the new low support rate or lack of relevant government and park in the interior of security and economic issues. At the same time, South Korea’s ruling in support of this week’s rate also hit a record low since the government took office park, only 28%. The largest opposition party, the Democratic Party to support rate of 26%, compared to last week rose. (original title: "Park Geun hye support rate hit the lowest)"相关的主题文章: