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Paris tanker case: female suspect by IS remote control plan to attack the train station – Sohu news news agency in Paris on 9 September, (reporter Long Jianwu) the French prosecutors announced on 9, the police in the investigation process of Paris tanker case arrested several suspected of preparing for the implementation of "violence" of the female suspects in the near future. This is a terrorist group by the extremist groups in Syria Islamic state manipulation. Prosecutor Francois of the Republic of Paris held a press conference 9, 2009, said a terrorist action team composed of young women have been destroyed. The team members have been "completely" Islamic state "murder thought to confuse". Francois Moran also said that these by the Islamic state in Syria, members of the remote control of young women ready to (attack plan) put into effect. This shows that the Islamic state trying to make women become their combatants. The terrorist organization uses objects to communicate with each other through the Internet and make plans. The purpose of this group is to launch an attack". The prosecutor in charge of the anti-terrorism investigation also revealed the details of the case of Paris gas tank car. The vehicle is found in the vicinity of the Notre Dame de Paris has 5 full gas tank, 3 gasoline bottles and a residue almost out of cigarettes. There is also a lid on the cigarette with traces of fuel remaining. Francois Moran explained that although the police did not find any explosive device in the car. But it is clear that if the car caught fire will certainly be detonated in a few minutes at least one gas tank, which led to the destruction of the entire car explosion. According to previous reports, the police through the investigation of Paris tanker case found clues, on the evening of 8 in the central town of Essonne Bush San Antonio train station to take action against terrorism, arrested 3 suspects involved in young women. One armed policemen were injured by an arrest. A suspect was shot and wounded by police. As of now, in the investigation of Paris tanker case, arrested two people suspected of women had tried to go to Syria by security department as S characters. According to previous reports, the main suspect in the action group has sworn allegiance to the Islamic state". They plan to attack targets including Paris’s train station, the train station and the police target Anthony bush. In 3 young female suspects were arrested after the French President Hollande 9, had earlier announced that the authorities destroyed a terrorist action team, thus foiled a plot. But there are other types of action groups. The morning of September 4th, police received a report after the check a suspicious vehicle unattended in an alley near the Notre Dame de Paris, seized several gas tank in Arabic documents. The police anti-terrorism department and national security administration subsequently involved in the investigation. 6 night, the owners were arrested in France near the southern city of orange. On the evening of 8, another of the men and women in the middle roiret province arrested. (end)相关的主题文章: