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"Pan Jinlian" did not win   her "man" was the victorious return – Culture – original title: "Pan Jinlian" didn’t win her "man" was the victorious return "in" I am not Pan Jinlian "save Fan Bingbing" life "by Wei Fan," no problem "won the best male the protagonist. – this version of the Information Times reporter Chen Hui "I am not Pan Jinlian" did not bring Fan Bingbing the Golden Horse Awards, gave her a "man" good luck. Director Feng Xiaogang won the grand prize winner last year after last night, once again won the award for best director, save Fan Bingbing "life" in the movie Wei Fan, with "no problem" won the best actor award. Xu Fan had lost the Golden Horse Awards shelling "cannon", think this time will reflect the Golden Horse Award for mind and justice. This is not easy to win the Feng Xiaogang a year later, Feng Xiaogang again won the Golden Horse Award is certainly different, he won last year is the best actor award, this year won the best director award. Another difference is that last year, when the award, according to Chen Kuo-Fu, chairman of the jury revealed that the old gun son of the six Ye was unanimously recognized by the judges, with the overwhelming advantage to beat the veteran actor, such as Deng Chao, and so on, and so on. Xu Anhua, chairman of the jury this year, said, "I am not Pan Jinlian," and the "goodbye watts City," the battle of the three rounds of the victory of the victory of the battle of, only to win the victory of the war in the world. Xu Anhua explained that the best director is Feng Xiaogang and Zhao Deyin, because "I am not Pan Jinlian" content is complicated, "Feng Xiaogang made a lot of new experiments show the possibility of mature and enterprising director of the heart". Feng Xiaogang won the prize bluntly, took many years of film, experience is also an obstacle and bound. This is holding the film "Maiden" mood breakthrough style, actually do not know whether it is the right thing to do, "give me the answer for the golden horse award". For previously because Xu Fan missed the best actress and the Golden Horse Award at the judges, Feng Xiaogang said: "thank you for the Golden Horse Award in mind, let me see the golden horse fair." Wei Fan’s main rival is Ke Zhendong to say the most intense competition of the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Award, or. In the face of Tony Leung, Michael Hui, and so on, and so on, "I am not a" in the "orchard boss" by the end of the, with the question of "not a problem," the winner of the "", "" is not a problem. For this result, the jury chairman Xu Anhua’s explanation is that in the fight with the "fight" in the Ke Zhendong, because the performance level is more abundant and out of line in the world, and so on, the performance of the president of the jury is not the only way to get rid of the problem. The result is that the performance of the jury is more and more in line with the results of the competition. The Wei Fan prize for review "Huiyanshizhu", "our movie is easily overlooked, because the director looks very pale, we played very pale, thanks to the judges can find beauty from the movie so pale." He also claimed to be a middle-aged literary and art, the first time to go to Taipei to visit the "Wen Qing" favorite Eslite bookstore. In the evening, "no problem" also won the best adapted screenplay award. It is reported that the film adaptation of Lao she published in 1943 in the short story, tells the story of the rear area during the Anti Japanese War tree decline in farm director Ding Wuyuan management to the story. "August" won the award, Xu Anhua said the decision was very careful other awards, the new guide相关的主题文章: