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Home-Improvement The ber months are here! Most homes are already filled with Christmas trimmings in preparation for the nearing holiday season. Of course, the demand for a painting company in Toronto is high nowadays. Toronto painting contractors conduct painting in Ontario to provide people with fantastic abodes this holiday season. If they’re not doing it, the folks in Toronto are actually thinking and talking about painting and decorating. Who wouldn’t? Home decorating in Toronto is considered a task in order to make the holidays extra special. Days are shorter and it’s always cold in the morning. These are signs that Christmas is coming, the most celebrated occasion in all parts of the world! Dig up your old Christmas tree from the attic. Dress it up with Christmas balls, angels and other Christmas tree ornaments. You don’t necessarily have to use new materials to make your tree attractive. All it takes is a creative mind and stuff to recycle. After this, garnish it with gifts at the bottom. Oh, and don’t forget to hang your Christmas socks on the chimney wall. Apart from house decorating, Christmas also equates to a list of presents for your loved ones, never-ending Christmas parties to attend, and children singing Christmas carols Snowboarding, snowball throwing, and snowman making, on the other hand, are some of the favorite activities during this season. As we comb the malls for our shopping spree, Christmas songs are played repeatedly in every establishment thus triggering into our system the last song syndrome (LSS), so we sing the songs even as we’ve left the mall already. We delight at the sight of ubiquitous fat old men for they resemble the lovable Santa Claus. Images of his reindeers and elves are everywhere to make everybody feel the ambiance of North Pole, Santa’s place of origin. Besides the popular symbols and icons of Christmas, we should understand the true essence of Christmas, which is not seen but felt. The above statement is clearly depicted in the song Christmas in Our Hearts, written and sung by Filipino singer composer, Jose Mari Chan. A line in the said song goes, Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the street, I remember the boy, in the manger has he sleeps. Whenever there are people, giving gifts exchanging cards. I believe that Christmas, is truly in their hearts. Above anything else, Jesus Christ is the true meaning of Christmas and the reason we celebrate the occasion. We rejoice and reminisce the time he was born. However important an occasion Christmas is, there are some people who don’t observe it in respect of their religious doctrines. That shouldn’t be a problem for it only requires respect for the belief of others. Since Christmas signifies Jesus Christ, it is proper that we accept everybody regardless of his beliefs or religion for that is one of the best traits of the Savior. So, whether you’re spending the holidays with family and friends, hanging out at the mall, or kissing the one you love under the mistletoe, be thankful to the true meaning of Christmas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: