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Oversold bounce should not chase high don’t rebound as a good opportunity to make money in the investment sentiment – Zhongqin start in 2016 could hit the worst record in the history of A shares, after a round of fierce rapid decline, has not recovered A shares continue to show low-spirited in early February, fell below 2800 points after another and 2700 point integer. Until the eve of the lunar new year, finally see signs of rebound. For this round of rebound, investors should not look too high, the operation should not chase high. This property belongs to a rebound in the repair of serious oversold after, not the so-called reversal, the data from the annual report we can see clearly that the overall performance of listed companies has become a new trend of decline, the most prominent is the traditional industry leading companies have huge losses, including steel, coal and other strong cycle industry as the representative of the drag the valuation of the market decline. It is expected that the market will continue to find and verify the true bottom area, during or lasting for one year. Under this background, many industries and stocks in the long-term capital outflow, namely the market gradually lost, during some of the oversold bounce, but is often short-lived rebound after the long-term decline, do not grasp is easy to increase the loss, it is difficult to accurate hunters. In such a trend, reducing the operation is the best strategy, as far as possible rebound in small positions to participate, do not blindly hunters. A stock market in the early 3600 near the sudden collapse, most investors failed to react, forming a large number of high hold up disk. As the short-term losses are serious, there are not many people who cut corners, most of them are waiting for the opportunity to flee, which determines the strength of the market rebound is difficult to enlarge. We can see from the recent rebound in the trading day, rose 350 began sideways, back and forth concussion, difficult to quickly break up, and the above set many are not unrelated, investors out of temper strong willingness. If the market rebounded to near 3000 points, selling pressure will be greater. From the stock trading performance, and there is not a strong plate, a serious stock sell-off, intraday rose after the callback fast, especially the lack of buying in the adjustment, often small investors can make low price 35 points. From the daily turnover, always in a state of atrophy, showed a lack of incremental funding admission, the stock market funds to continue the game, the index rebounded slightly on a substantial outflow of funds situation, the shrinking volume determines the short-term rebound height is limited. Rebounding is an opportunity to reduce losses, and do not see the rebound as a good opportunity to make money. If you have to participate in the rebound, first of all to control the stock position, select a few really have the texture and industry growth of stocks. In a few rounds of market crash, we can see some real scarcity industries, stocks stable performance. Unlike the monster, they are because investors really want to buy on the dips and early bottom, is a reflection of the way the market value system, the future trend of resistance can be formed constantly low elevation. The process of buying these stocks may only be time for space, relative to those who lack the value line, the stock can fall to 10% stocks, is certainly safe investment targets. On the subject of this kind of subject

超跌反弹不宜追高 不要把反弹看成是赚钱的好机会    ■ 投资感悟    □中秦    2016年的开局可能创A股历史最差纪录,在一轮猛烈的快速下跌之后,还没回过神来的A股,在2月初继续表现得萎靡不振,接连跌穿2800点和2700点整数关。直到农历新年来临前夕,终于看到反弹迹象。对于这轮反弹,投资者不宜看得太高,操作上切忌追高。    本次反弹性质属于严重超跌后的一次修复,并不是所谓的反转行情,从年报数据我们可以清晰地看出,上市公司整体业绩下滑成为新趋势,最显眼的是众多传统行业龙头公司出现巨亏,其中以钢铁、煤炭等强周期行业作为代表,这拖累了市场估值下降。预计市场将继续寻找和探明真正的底部区域,期间或持续一年。在此背景下,很多行业和个股处于资金长期流出状态,即市值逐步损失的过程,期间不乏一些有力度的超跌反弹,但往往是长期下跌以后的短暂反弹,把握不好就容易加大亏损,要想精准抄底很难。在这样的趋势中,减少操作是最好的策略,对于反弹尽量以小仓位参与,不要盲目抄底。    A股市场前期在3600点附近忽然崩塌,大多数投资者没能反应过来,形成大量高位套牢盘。由于短期亏损严重,大刀阔斧砍仓的人并不多,多数在等待机会出逃,这就决定了大盘反弹力度难以放大。我们从最近反弹日的交易状况可以看出,基本上涨三五十点就开始横盘,来回震荡,难以迅速向上突破,这与上方套牢盘众多不无关系,投资者逢高出局意愿强。如果市场反弹至3000点附近,抛压会更大。    从盘中个股的表现来看,并没有一个强势板块出现,个股抛压严重,盘中上涨后回调速度极快,特别是在调整时缺乏买盘,往往少量抛盘就可以打低股价三五个点。从每天成交量来看,始终处于萎缩状态,表明缺乏增量资金入场,市场存量资金继续博弈,指数稍有反弹就出现资金大幅流出的局面,不断缩小的成交量决定了反弹高度短期是有限的。反弹是减少损失的机会,并不要把反弹看成是赚钱的好机会。    如果一定要参与反弹,首先要控制股票仓位,选择少数真正有质地又有行业成长性的个股。在几轮市场暴跌中,我们可以看到一些真正稀缺性行业个股表现稳定。与妖股不同,他们是由于投资者真正想逢低买入而提早见底,是市场价值体系的一种体现方式,未来可以形成低点不断上抬的抵抗性趋势。买入这类个股可能只是时间换空间的过程,相对那些缺乏价值底线,股价可以跌到一成的个股来说,肯定是安全的投资标的。这类标的主要出自那些景气度比较高的成长性行业,不管是传统行业还是创新型经济,说到底都是关乎民生社稷的行业,我们不妨以此作为筛选标的的重要指标。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: