Open the way to do things shame Wei Fan world disciples-crycry

Can do things "Wei Fan world shame" disciple Wei Fan world open area buddy network "Wei Fan world" is a combination of ARPG and SLG two play the game. Speaking of SLG, many game player must stop at checkpoints hundreds of dozens of hundred generals and endless. In the "Wei Fan world" you will overturn this idea, even shame thing disciples play can do, you dare to believe? Gossip is not much to say, take a look at the "Wei Fan hit the world," the correct way to open the disciples system. "The game" Wei Fan world "the first to experience the channel can do things of shame:" Wei Fan hit the world "the disciples to open the way good stuff []" in charge never recruited Wei Fan to play in the world ", game player to get his disciples, only through the recruitment of disciples get no longer play, like some games, as long as the money can have any of the best disciples. General search: search for consumption will, there is a chance to get green, blue and purple quality disciples, if used to find even ten, will receive one or more of the purple disciples. Advanced search: search will find high consumption, there is a chance to get the purple or orange disciples, even if you use the ten search, will receive one or more orange disciples. Note: whether it is a general search or advanced search, players can get free search times every other time. In the new recruit play, all game player starting point is the same, can get the best generals all depends on your luck and the number of search. Compared with the traditional SLG game code mall price of the sale, "Wei Fan world" that also has a game player to get the best chance of the disciples. Can do things on Wei Fan "shame the world" to open the way [disciples] fusion "Wei Fan world", in addition to the general improvement methods such as disciples, disciples, disciples and upgrading equipment to strengthen, also increased the disciples play by doing some fusion, shame thing, you can make disciples of all aspects of promotion! The use of the same generation of the opposite sex of the two disciples of fusion, the main disciple can be promoted to a generation, the whole body will be a substantial increase in qualifications. But in the process of disciples of fusion, gave birth to a baby and have the opportunity to, wait until after the baby growth must be orange disciples, this is your joy! Can do things on Wei Fan "shame the world" to open the way to create a unique pool play if the disciples make innovation in the way of using them, then how different recruitment methods ultimately only to end. Fortunately, Wei Fan hit the world has also created a unique pool play, so that the players have not only been involved in the endless battle of disciples. In the eight hundred pool play, game player commanding army with increasing levels and washed off, the number of more props reward. In the eight hundred joint venture: 1, at the beginning of the course of checkpoints, can only adjust the formation, can not be replaced in the pass through the disciples; 2, after the death of his disciples not to be raised, all are killed through the end of the battle the disciples; 3, pass through the process, there will be a reward and treasure.相关的主题文章: