On the Hong Kong team ending war posters anchored at his third League Asia!-super bass

On the Hong Kong team finale poster: anchor at the port of Asia! Sit on ending the League third war posters! Sina sports news Beijing time on October 30th, the Super League Super phone again, ending the war 8 games, at the same time. The port of Shanghai in Shanghai home court Stadium against Hebei Huaxia happiness. This is the Hong Kong record can get super league this season third, therefore, the Hong Kong team is bound to strike out. Today, the Hong Kong Football Club launched the War Poster poster theme: "the harbor Yong forefront, the Hong Kong team anchored in asia". The Hong Kong release the poster at the same time, the club’s official micro-blog also wrote: "in October 30th, in the finale, the Hong Kong Shanghai home court against Hebei Huaxia happiness, victory to the end of the season, with a victory for the home court boiling. Li Yong forefront, anchored in asia! Shanghai port is a trend which cannot be halted!" Obviously, the upper and lower Hong Kong desire to win a victory for the season draw a satisfactory conclusion. The last round of the league, with Yu Hai’s lucky break, Hong Kong away 1 to 0 victory over Tianjin teda. In the league with a round case, Hong Kong to 1 points, rose to third in the standings. This war, the Hong Kong side to win, but also to the final completion of the League broke into the top three this goal. (tiger)相关的主题文章: