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Warriors White House won Obama praise: one of the best teams in the world – Sohu sports Beijing time February 5th news, from the The Associated Press reported that the warriors visited the White House today, received the interview with President Obama of the United states. Commenting on the defending champion, Obama praised the warriors as one of the most outstanding teams in NBA history. "People are saying that they are completely changing basketball, and they are really one of the best teams we’ve ever seen," Obama said. "Their presence is even unfair to the other teams. To be honest, this is the way the world expects to see it, especially when it comes to smooth attack." Last season’s finals, the warriors total score of 4-2 to defeat the Cavaliers, after 40 years to regain the championship. And so far this season, the warriors won 45 games in the first 49 games, including Thursday away from the wizards. Curry finished perfectly with the wizards, scoring 51 points for 11 points in three. "Curry is a very good pitcher. Look at his performance in Washington last night," Obama said. "That’s the way the ball was smashed. (laughter)." Obama also quipped, Thompson Klein jumper bikori…… The president didn’t forget his daughter in the library. "Why didn’t little Riley come today?" "I hope she’ll come here to share this moment with me," Obama said. Obama is a Bulls fan, and the warriors have a chance to break the Bulls’ record of 72 wins this season. In this regard, Obama said: "maybe Steve (Cole) has the opportunity to break the Bulls’ record as a coach, no matter which role he wins." During the interview, the warriors presented Obama with a No. 44 Jersey, because Obama was the forty-fourth president of the United states. (Jim)

勇士白宫行获奥巴马称赞:史上最出色球队之一-搜狐体育  北京时间2月5日消息,来自《美联社》的报道称,勇士队今天造访白宫,接受了美国总统奥巴马的接见。在点评卫冕冠军时,奥巴马盛赞勇士队是NBA历史上最出色的球队之一。   “人们都在说他们正在彻底改变篮球这项运动,他们真的是我们所见过最出色的球队之一,”奥巴马说道,“他们的存在甚至对其他球队来说是不公平的。老实说,这是外界期望看到的打球方式,尤其是打出流畅进攻时,很有美感。”   上赛季总决赛,勇士队总比分4-2击败骑士队,时隔40年重获总冠军。而本赛季至今,勇士队前49场取得45胜,包括周四客场击败奇才队。   库里在与奇才队一役中表现完美,投进11记三分得到51分。“库里是非常优秀的投手,看看昨晚他在华盛顿的表现就知道了,”奥巴马表示,“这就是来砸场的(笑)。”奥巴马还调侃道,克莱-汤普森的跳投姿势比库里好看……   总统没有忘记库里的女儿,“为什么小莱利今天没有来?我希望她能来到这里和我一起分享这样的时刻,”奥巴马表示。   奥巴马是公牛队球迷,本赛季勇士队有机会打破公牛队72胜的历史纪录。对此,奥巴马说道:“也许史蒂夫(科尔)作为教练有机会打破公牛队的纪录,无论哪个角色,都是他赢。”   接见期间,勇士队向奥巴马赠送了一件44号球衣,原因是奥巴马是美国第44任总统。(jim)相关的主题文章: