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Mobile-Cell-Phone Want to get a message across effortlessly? SMS or Short Message Service has captured the world with its speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness. During times of crisis, when phone lines are jarred, SMS is the only service that works and gets across the text effectively. Its user friendliness has captivated people the world over making it the most convenient system to get a tech message across. Infact there is no harm in tapping away and hitting on the send button to send your text message across to your loved one, your colleague or your friends. Texting has caught on, not only among the youth, but since its simplicity to use, has even the older generation using it. The internet has taken text messaging a step further by opening its doors to SMS as well. There are several websites that offer to send bulk or single text message, and many of these services are even free! Anyways its much easier to type on a keyboard than get your fingers accustomed to the tiny keys of your cell phone. For that matter you can even send out free SMSs from your GPRS enabled cell phone and blackberrys, which have proved to be really beneficial when youre on the move. If you are a mother and have grown up kids, you will recognise the importance of free text messaging. Mothers especially find it easier to get in touch with their kids, who could either be in schools, colleges or universities. With internet access on their phones and blackberrys it is now easier to just simply login to a website that offer free SMS and type away your message and click on the send button. If you have multiple children and you want to send out the same message to them, you can use the bulk SMS tab. Everythings so simple, with just 3 clicks of the button! In times of emergency or crisis, mothers find it easy to efficiently reach out to their children via the non complexity methods of text messaging. With its ease you can send out a simple text informing your child on what route he/she needs to take incase of a traffic jam or any other obstacle that you already are aware off. Mothers have a lot to tell their children constantly, frequent reminders to perform certain tasks, or a reminder to go to a particular class, or just a simple reminder to where the keys of the house are kept, are just a few from a complete book of motherly advice. They only technology that mothers turn to, is SMS! No matter what, the text message is sure to go through and will definitely send in a notification that her kid has received the message. Texting is a good means in this case, especially if you dont want to disrupt a class now you child can check on the message at his leisure. There is also no fear of the phone not being answered, and whenever a mother thinks of something to get across to her kid, she can without having to worry of forgetting she can just type out the message when she thinks of it and click on send. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: