Not only is the bigger so simple four joint venture C class car

Not only is more simple so the four section of the joint venture C car recommendation Phoenix car guide: the intermediate vehicle market is the most intense competition in the domestic market, as consumer demand continues to improve, the standard B class car in size and configuration has been gradually can not meet the demand, many consumers focus on the C car. Although the C class car market has just started, but there have been many manufacturers launched many models, there is enough power, large size, has high cost, large car we have the following several selling inventory of all joint venture brands.   Dongfeng Citroen C6 guidance price: 18.99-27.99 million new appearance, the front face shape of the latest Citroen family, part of the new car headlights and grille with chrome trim collocation a large area of modification, making the entire front is very trendy. To the side, the car body is very slim line design is simple and smooth, double color collocation five spoke wheels, the overall visual effect is very moving. Dongfeng Citroen C6 wide body slender, wheelbase reached 2900mm, while its length and breadth were 4980mm, 1858mm, 1475mm, the data seckill of its competitor, MAGOTAN, beyond the same level models, most of it can be said that this is Citroen to love the Chinese wide body of consumers a gift. Interior part, the design of the new car with the appearance of the use of a lot of horizontal lines, the car uses a natural texture of solid wood trim, Nappa head layer cowhide, very grade. In addition, the interior design is a bright spot in the control seat and wrapped with leather Nappa Houndstooth lines, this classic elements first introduced in car design, really exciting, plus the punching processing, every detail is very delicate, worthy of its slogan of "fine in style". Configuration, the car is equipped with a 12.3 inch LCD color digital dashboard, 8 inch LCD screen in the control, can open the panoramic sunroof, with a negative ion generator independent air conditioning system, four electronic handbrake, one button start and up to 11 functions of ADAS advanced driving auxiliary system. Power, the new Citroen C6 equipped with PSA group 1.6T and 1.8T engine, the maximum output power of 167 horsepower and 204 horsepower, peak torque of 245 cattle and 280 cattle · · meters; meters, the drive part of the engine is matched with 6 speed automatic transmission. Model summary: compared with those opponents, the degree of luxury C6 will never lose to them, the light inside the car leather and wood material is enough. For the price of new cars, a large car has been less than 190 thousand can and B class car than the price, and then look at the lacrosse and MAGOTAN models, the new Citroen C6 price is self-evident, if your power required is not too high, then it will be a very worthy of recommendation models. FAW Volkswagen MAGOTAN guide price: 18.99-31.69 million new appearance, basically a continuation of the design of the overseas edition of the Passat, set a number of car design industry in a top award.相关的主题文章: