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No amount of real market late in diving is bullying ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million Sina Finance News September 9th news, today morning, two overall to maintain a narrow range, the small fluctuations, the popularity is still in the doldrums. The concept of PPP to continue to adjust, the subject shares continued to weaken, but still have graphene, high iron and other parts of the subject are more active. Afternoon opening, there are changes in the nuclear power sector, but the recent hot time shares, PPP continued to decline, the two cities have turned green; close late, the environmental sector fell sharply and the index decline to expand again, the gem fell to expand to 1%. Head: no amount of sea stock trading was opened under the diving bullying back to support the 3050, slowly with the amount of line break out of the "V", formed with the amount of breakthrough in the line, 3200 point target. Cheetah: Diving only the main trap this level of operation is obviously the main Xichou pressure plate can caused by, as long as we closely follow the main chips can be changed. Hu Langui: the market Jiugong wanjiebubao market turnover remains low, a serious shortage of two, the total turnover of 481 billion 100 million yuan, the industry sector zhangdiehuxian. Zhao Lihang: on the steps of the half step Joseph remain the same although today late diving, but from the weekly level at present in the first week after two weeks before the line adjustment, so it should be slightly higher inertia. Liu Yong: vigilance next week, the market fell short of demand, the central line is optimistic about the shareholding, the market outlook will be concerned about the stock index turnover reached 110 billion. Min Fei: market rebound or has ended in a period of time after the operation need to be cautious and prudent; the best strategy is to wait and see. Next Monday: 3091 to 3066. Zhang Chunlin: A shares urgent need to deal with passion or the need to pay close attention to the performance of the GEM market easily pull popularity. Old fishing: short tune does not hinder next week continue to rise the management of very large stock funds to Hong Kong stock split, to avoid domestic venture capital motionless placards phenomenon. The leading force brother: late Powei released an important signal to the attention of the 3070 support line, can continue to hold, if there is more than half of the real line breakdown line strategy to choose to lighten up. Jade: the average bond that next week ready to seek a breakthrough in the trend next week should be downward test support, and then gradually stabilized, preparing for the holiday again after the shock resistance. (Jiangshan) Click to view more Bowen   enter the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: