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Ningbo, a driver for drunk driving license revoked after driving card six months ago ouncer Lu Yu traffic police drunk driving driver’s license was revoked, a hand on a friend’s car, road traffic police check, guilty under forced red card, after the friend and the swap position, in an attempt to muddle through. So "the pit" friends Yemou, eventually caught by police. Reporter correspondent Shuixin Sheng trainee reporter Tao Ni verification when suddenly the red card, after friends and exchange seats in November 10th at 23:30 PM, near the Hangzhou bay bridge to the direction of Shanghai Nan’an service area, a Ningbo license plate silver Volkswagen car is the high-speed traffic police set up checkpoints on the stop. The police asked the driver to produce a driver’s license and ID card, the driver hesitated for a long time only took out a card, just check the documents when the traffic police, the driver suddenly foot throttle forced red card,. "Punch card! Punch card!" Walkie talkie came from an emergency call, the command center received a report, through online information comparison, confirmed that the staff is driving without a license. Finally, the police in the Haitian Yizhou near the toll station intercepted the car, but found that the driver and rear passenger position has been reversed, then two people were brought to the Ningbo high-speed traffic police detachment five brigade investigation. For drunk driving has been revoked driver’s license, a hand to touch the steering wheel owner Lee told the police that he and Yemou are friends. Because many years have not seen, excited two people decided to drive to Huzhou overnight. "At first I was driving, after the south shore service area, I felt a little tired, lying in the back of the rest for a while, he sat on the driver’s seat." In Lee’s memory, old friend Yemou is an old driver, for ye want to drive the requirements, he readily agreed to. According to the first half of their Yemou account, because of drunk driving a motorcycle driver’s license was revoked. Because the hands did not touch the steering wheel for a long time, there is a driving impulse, but also feel that there should be no traffic police on the evening of the highway inspection, so it was lucky on the road. However, no other 50 meters out, Yemou met by car to check the traffic police. "I know it is sure to be found, a hot head, while the traffic police in time to check the ID card punch card." Ye said, "after not long and saw in front of the traffic police in the examination, I would take the queuing time and friends changed her position. Thought it would be okay, I did not expect to be caught." Police investigators said, illegal for driving a motor vehicle driving license is revoked in the period, Yemou will be fined 1000 yuan, 10 days of administrative detention punishment. In addition, Yemou disrupting public service behavior will be investigation.相关的主题文章: